Stolen Moments

1629, Sea Season, Fertility Week, Freezeday


After visiting the various spirits of the Six Sisters, the group returns to the Nunnery. Session SA4.13.


Rumour at the Nunnery says that Rik took heroic amounts of hallucinogenic mushrooms recently. It also says that he turned into a giant snail, and some of the younger members even believe it.

Berra, Mellia, Varanis, and the remaining Humakti guards went out to talk to the Six Sisters following omens, and now they are arriving back at the Nunnery damp and perhaps thoughtful.1Maalira fails Insight (Human)

bleysrex: Berra moves aside from the small crowd, as White Ladies move up just to check on them just in case. She has handed off her horse and her bison to the care of others, and now she drifts away from them all. Her expression is faintly puzzled.

Maalira glances back towards Berra, tilting her head questioningly.

Berra catches the glance, and gives Maalira a smile like Yelm rising – her face warms and brightens and it seems like all will be well with her. A moment too late for casualness there’s a fingerwave.

Maalira glances back at the small crowd but everything seems fine, so she breaks away and goes to join Berra. “What are you thinking?” she asks.

Berra watches Maalira approach. “Not much,” she says. “I fell off a cliff.”

Maalira’s lips quirk, and she tries again. “What were you looking for just now?”

“We were looking … talking to all the Spirits.” Berra might have got the wrong idea. “One of them was a griffin, and didn’t like me. Varanis got on a bit better.”

“No, Berra,” Maalira says patiently, “I mean right now, when you moved away from the rest of us.”

“Oh, right.” Now Berra looks for the way out, as if she does not want to answer that. “Um. Some odd stuff happened out there. Maybe not here.”

“Hmm.” Maalira looks Berra over. “I think you need rest.”

The Humakti nods. “Yeah.” She leans over to look at the others, and then gives Maalira her attention again. “Now?”

“Probably as soon as possible,” Maalira says, in her White Lady voice. “You did fall off a cliff.”

“I was being shouted at by a spirit at the time,” Berra points out, perfectly reasonably.

“All the more reason to get some rest,” Maalira replies.

“Probably.” Berra glances at the crowd. “I tend to sleep in here rather than getting Death further into the Temple,” she says. It is a big room. There would be plenty of space for her. “My panniers are still over there, though. We were going to get food.”

“Food first, then rest, then talk about what’s bothering you,” Maalira says firmly.

Berra sighs. “This is one of those things where you might not want to know…” She turns to walk towards where she can be fed, which is of course further into the Temple, but maybe Death doesn’t count as the Great Separation when it is having lunch.

Maalira’s stomach gives an impolite growl as she follows Berra.

Berra, stolen, departs.

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    Maalira fails Insight (Human)