Fragment 2.47 – The Assassination of Honour

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 47


Now we shall talk of the failure of Berra1The change in tone here is generally agreed to be an insertion to the Berra Corpus, possibly by the author of Lamentations of Honour. Note the resemblance to the so-called diaries of Xenofos.
Thinking herself all secure she knew hubris
Left in her charge was a foe-man of Sartar
Red Moon above him and Chaos within him

He had surrendered and so with her honour
She should protect him but failed in her sword-arm
Hearing a Storm Bull who called out of Chaos
Pausing to think and not acting in anger

This was the failure that Berra had in her
Striving too much to find peace after battle
Listened to people and not to the god-voice
Let an attacker walk from her in safety

Varanis was sent out by Venna to negotiate with the various tribes in the area. After some discussion, the group decided to take the army. Berra was in charge of it, and sent scouts out. First of all, over flat land, it was just Rajar and Xenofos. They reached Glasswall, where Varanis talked with a representative of the Princeros. Berra kept the army back at a polite distance, and was able to deal with a threat that the Princeros tried to make, by putting her cavalry onto that wing. Everyone felt good about that, but they then had to march back to Alda Chur and go up towards the settlement of the Tovtaros, Ironspike.
For the rougher ground, Berra sent out Xenofos with scouts, as well as Rajar. They engaged a force of about their size, and took several prisoners, with Rajar being Mindblasted by a Lunar along the way. Shortly after their return to camp, they found out to their horror that the Lunar was chaotically tainted, when a Storm Bull barged Berra out of the way and killed him. She did not try to stop him, or kill him afterwards, despite Humakt having told her that he was an assassin.
Venna summoned Varanis, and Berra could feel that there was a state close to assassination in that tent, so she went in first to face Venna, who picked her up, shouted at her, got shouted back at, and threw Berra away.
There was some arguing.

Berra comes to stop Xenofos getting more drunk, after a bit. “Or else name a second.”

“Berra is vibrating with anger.” – Berra

“I’m going in there first.” – Berra

“I’m not fucking Varanis because I don’t find her attractive.” – Berra