Fragment 2.6 – The Sacrifice of the Worldly

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 6


Given a gift by a lover Lanasha1An anonymous or idealised lover. Probably known to Berra but rejected.
Berra gave thanks to the God not the giver
Burning the silk and the silver to Humakt
Dressing in ashes of purification

Berra reached out to the God in his Sword-place
Asking a boon of his knowledge and power
Wearing the Death of the World as her garment
Standing between the two worlds of the mortal

Berra did not appear in this session, as she was running it. However, during some down time, she sacrificed POW to Humakt for the Turn Undead spell. Xenofos had ordered her an utterly beautiful dress in indigo silk and silver runes, and had promised the maker he would try to get her to wear it. With some warning over the gift, Berra kept calm about what she saw as people trying to tie her to the world. She thanked him, but refused to, and on the final day of her meditations and purification sacrificed it as part of her ceremony to reach the God. She did not mention that to anyone.