Front Lines

Berra — Front Lines

1627, Sea Season, Death Week


Sea Season, Death Week, Waterday [[[s02:session-34|Session 34]]]


At sunset Xenofos is taking his and Varanis’ mounts to drink.

Berra is cleaning blood from her hands and clothes not far from where the cattle path ends. She stands, seeing Xenofos just as he sees her.

Xenofos nods to little Humakti and talks soothingly to his horse.

The little Humakti steps back from the edge of the waters, examining her armour padding critically. She is dressed in light clothing under her cloak.

Varanis’ Fish rushes forward to drink, splashing water on the other one and startling it again.

Berra folds up the soaked padding over a bare arm, apparently without the icy water hurting her, and turns towards Xenofos, although as there is splashing, she pauses.

“Did you get Followed watered already, Little cousin?”

“Before I went up. I asked the bothy-man to do it.” That might be one or two times, depending on how she is thinking. Berra comes closer, and gives Xenofos a thoughtful look. Sunset makes her look particularly frowny. Unless, or course, it’s a real frown.

Scribe looks at her advancing and returns the look calmly. Brown, but should one call that that hazel or would some other description be more accurate?

Berra takes a deep breath. “You’re making me think about what the right thing to do is in battle. But I already know. Please stop trying to persuade me out of the front line.”

He tilts his head and looks thoughtful.

She waits, her eyes on him, her balance on her toes. A movement at the back of her jaw indicates she is clenching it to keep quiet.

“I don’t think you were moved just by that knowledge today.” Scribe says. “And what you said as general rule did not sound like it either. You will do as you see fit, no matter what I say. I think.” He shrugs.

“Yeah, but when you make me defend it, it changes how I think about it. Makes it harder. I need to be clear-headed.” Berra keeps the padding held away from her, as the water streams out of it and the weight gets less.

He raises his eyebrows.1Xenofos rolls Insight (Human) for Berra.

After a pause he answers. “Good. If it makes you think I don’t speak in vain. Pi… Single-minded is not same as clear-headed.”

Berra scowls. “No. It makes me think too much. I already know the answer. You’ll make me guess if I’m right when I should know that already.”

“If you knew the answer, thinking should just strengthen your resolve… If thinking makes you doubt – maybe you did not know it.” voice of the scholar is calm, but his cheeks are slighly ruddier than normal in the light of the setting sun.

Short. Unimpressed. Berra stares up at him. “Yeaaah…. no. I think you’re trying to justify yourself now. Just don’t tell me when to step back. I need to make that decision myself.”

He shakes his head. “I do not lie. And I will not promise to hold quiet of truths either. I am not telling you to step back. I am telling you to think when to step ahead. You should see the difference. If you think.”

“I’m telling you that’s still too much noise,” Berra replies flatly.

He shrugs. “That is lamentable”

“Yeah. And I’ll end up learning to ignore you, if it goes on. Save it for the important stuff.” Berra folds the wet sleeve of her padding up over her arm.

He just shrugs.

Berra shrugs, and asks, “Need any help with the horses?” like she is not already laden down.

“Nah. Fish is showing my mount there is nothing to be skittish about. And you might be more comfortable without that thing dripping over you… “

Berra looks at it. “I could put it down?” she says with a grin. Instead, she turns to go, hoisting the wet cloth up onto her shoulder to make the trip back towards the bothy.

He follows her with his gaze, shaking his head.

Berra talks to Xenofos about him trying to change her

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    Xenofos rolls Insight (Human) for Berra.