Fragment 2.5 – The Question of Humakt

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 5


Back to Battalion came Berra with honour
Walked in with fame as her cloak under noonday
Greeting the Swords and Initiates closely
Sat in their barracks and talked of her Questing

Under the sword of Chettoria Warlord
Berra returned to the friends she had left there
Fewer returning than knew her in parting
Many who rested had names carved in glory

Round her were gathered the newest to Humakt
Listening rapt to the stories she told them
Battle reports full of danger and honour
Thrice had she quested as Humakt since leaving

Berra asked then the Battalion Question
How does a sword go to where it is needed1Or ‘how do you get your sword to where it is needed?’
Called on the wisdom of youth to give answers
Left many pondering new ways of thinking

Then Great Chettoria came down to greet her
Sword of the Fifth who had called her to Humakt
They spoke of secrets of Humakt and dying
Cold Separation for Wilmskirk Humakti

What Really Happened

Session Quotes

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    Or ‘how do you get your sword to where it is needed?’