Do I Want…

1628, Earth Season


Berra has finally recovered from her monster hangover, and is thinking about how to be Humakti again, while also disliking Eril. Spoilery for those who do not want to know her plans. Session SA3.06.


Humakt chooses the best people. That doesn’t just mean the living. When we get to being dead he chooses from among us. The ones who have been tested. His initiates are less likely to break in honour, and then the hammer blows come, and change them. They’re tempered by the time they reach him. I don’t have to be perfect. I just have to keep recovering. Keep getting stronger.

Believe in the god. Follow his path. Do as he would. Be worthy of his choice, not just his notice.

The Necklace. There’ll be a lot of Humakti here soon. Some of them might have heard of Eril.

Wait, it’s been less than a week.

He… nobody here knows yet.

He doesn’t have the support he needs.

He needs his altar.

He needs me to be a Rune Lord.

Or else someone who is not me.

Or for Lord Roneer to be wrong.

I need to talk about this with Lord Eril.

Who told me to leave.

But I can do that in Dark Season.

Only I’m in Sartar.

In the Lismelder land.

By my river.

I can go see my river. And maybe go see Mama… I don’t know her name. D’Val’s mother.

Because this story might lead us to Boldhome. I should avoid it.

For him.

Because he doesn’t want this messed up.

But he hasn’t told me enough. I can’t see a way. What does he want?

Does he know? Maybe he just expects me to find a way.

It’s the sort of thing people would figure I can do. But he won’t let me be a Rune Lord if the Temple won’t benefit. If I might let them down.

No matter what.

So I can’t be a Rune Lord. And Roneer didn’t know me. He just knew I wasn’t ready. But he doesn’t know what else I am.

So Roneer was right about me but wrong about my future. I’m different now. I can’t find out if I’m worthy unless I try.

I can be Lord Eril’s priest.

But do I want to be?

Oh hell.

Do I want to be?

No. But someone needs to keep him in line.

And Gallem wants to impress him. So it shouldn’t be Gallem.

And I take it as part of my duty, to make Lord Eril be what he should be.

Not part of my duties. It’s not Temple stuff. It’s god stuff. Even if I can’t change him much, I can make him treat people a little bit better.

And he should be doing that, even if he’s Eril.

Because I told Harrek he was mine. Alright, not because. But I told Harrek he was mine.

My responsibility. As well as protecting him, I have to look after him. Protect other people from him.

Harrek, you bastard. You offered to put me in charge of a ship. I don’t even want that, and instead I’m going to be in charge of a Sword.

Heh. How do you get your sword to where it should be? The question never really changes

But what do I want him to be? Where do I want him to go?

I want to know a lot of the things that he knows. I want to know what he knows that’s true, and not his opinions about ducks.

So I need to be worth teaching. From his view.

A Rune Lord. Or someone with useful things I can do. Worth his time.

He does a lot of stuff. He’s busy. And those things are important.

But I could find ones that he wants done, and volunteer for them. More than just keeping Varanis alive. More than I already do. Find things that are useful to him. Do them, and ask him to explain.

In short words.