Fragment 2.48 – The Meeting with Yarantor

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 48


Bearing the stigma of shame in her bosom
Berra sought out the great Swords of the Death-God
Roneer of fame in the Praxian Temple
Yarantor Robe-clad in Ironspike then resting

Spoke they of Honour and valour and bloodshed
Yarantor tasked her to learn to be humble
Letting the words of the god move within her
Learning obedience in worship of Humakt

Deep within Berra the flame of rebellion
Burned like the Brazier Kallyr had lighted
She could not pause and let words merely fill her
So said to Humakt through Yarantor Sword-fast

Hot was their parting with word-stones accusing
Arrogant brat she was called but said nothing
Bowing polite as a snake in the temple
Berra quit Yarantor Sword of the Tarshites

There was a meeting, organised by Argrath, between Venna and Varanis, to clear the air. Berra had a complaint to make, and said she wanted some time alone with the Storm Bull. Argrathe refused that, so she made it official, challenging the assassin. Argrath said that they could fight to first blood, with blunt weapons. Berra told him that she would not stop at that. However, before such a thing could be organised, they had to take Alda Chur.
There was a discussion of whether they should take the prisoners. Rajar said it would be a good thing to have them as leverage, but Berra said she was not prepared to order them to be killed, and they would be a drawback in the field.
They marched up towards Ironspike, and after a day and a bit, Berra realised that they were being funnelled into an ambush. She stopped the army and told Varanis her plan for rolling over everyone and capturing as many as possible. After a bit of thought, Varanis did not go with that plan, but called out to parley instead. The leader of the scouts here was a Yinkini by the name of Arim, who gave them news of what had happened by Ironspike. Berra had hopes that with the King behaving so, the people could be persuaded to rise, but Arim said that was impossible. However, she did also think to send ahead to ask for hospitality, so that they could reasonably leave their army behind. That was agreed to be a good plan, and later the King’s son, Vostor, escorted them in.
Varanis explained the matter of Chaos, Rajar said that the Storm Bull had blessed him greatly, and Suuraki summoned a spirit of Law to sense for further Chaos in the area. The group were invited to stay and Xenofos was released.

“I got a thing I regret. I should have stopped that. Things are about to get busy, but I want twenty minutes with that guy after Alda Chur falls.” – Berra
“No.” – Argrath
“In that case, I’ll make it official. I challenge him.” – Berra

“So, we’re going to have to go up there in enough force to get people back alive – this time we’re taking the other Praxians too, and everyone knows to be careful, and this time we’ll have a leader of scouts who isn’t Xenofos.” – Berra

“I want you to know I hate that I can’t do that. But we’ll wait for Rajar to be ready. No point going off without the heavy cav.” – Berra
“We have one of him.” – Berra

“With an army, we’re not catching up with him anyhow.” – Berra
“I’ve seen how fast those wagons move.” – Berra
“Although we’ll do our best to fill at least one with extra food, before we go.” – Berra

“But we’ll feed Rajar and give him lots of attention and maybe groom him. He’s my bro.” – Berra

“Anyone who cares to look will be able to see Berra’s taking more care of him than she usually takes of herself. Less than she takes of her armour.” – Berra

“Damnit. Going down my sheet. Got reminded of how good my Medium Shield score was…” – Berra

“I think they stopped, Varanis.” – Berra

“Berra is massively pleased to see Rajar, of course.” – Berra

“Your sage went in saying the guy had it coming.” – Arim
“Twat.” – Berra

“Berra seems very relaxed.” – Berra

“Berra gives Xenofos a mutter. “You idiot.” – Berra
“Is the prisoner you guarded alive, Humakti?” – Xenofos, tiredly
“Which one?” She looks confused.” – Berra
“He shakes his head. “Nevermind.” – Xenofos
“Because if you’re looking for knowledge I can tell you, but if you’re asking a question you know the answer to, then you might wanna consider doing that after we’re safely back.” – Berra
“It would be unjust to chide you for negligence when I had made myself unable to defend him. Forget I said anything.” – Xenofos
Berra apparently forgets.