Fragment 2.48 – The Meeting with Yarantor

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 48


Bearing the stigma of shame in her bosom
Berra sought out the great Swords of the Death-God
Roneer of fame in the Praxian Temple
Yarantor Robe-clad in Ironspike then resting

Spoke they of Honour and valour and bloodshed
Yarantor tasked her to learn to be humble
Letting the words of the god move within her
Learning obedience in worship of Humakt

Deep within Berra the flame of rebellion
Burned like the Brazier Kallyr had lighted
She could not pause and let words merely fill her
So said to Humakt through Yarantor Sword-fast

Hot was their parting with word-stones accusing
Arrogant brat she was called but said nothing
Bowing polite as a snake in the temple
Berra quit Yarantor Sword of the Tarshites

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