Fragment 3.14 – The Meeting with Onjur

So the miles passed and the leagues passed behind her
Traveling onward she passed by the bear-peak
Furthest of all of her family she travelled
Deep into Tarsh that the Lunars had taken

Hope in her heart that she one day would see it
Free as the Tarsh that was held by the mountains
Down by the Temple of Shaker Priestesses
Place of the blood-spill that led to all slayings

Varanis was going crazy being kept in Dunstop, and Berra mentioned this to Irillo, who sent her, Berra, and Xenofos off ‘scouting ahead’ – really, checking out the land while Varanis got to not be in the city.

They saw many sights, including maize fields, which they discussed for a while, and another very talkative water-taxi-poler.

The most important part, however, was that as they sat drinking at Belensfield), Onjur sat down at their table and explained his plan for stopping the Bat. Xenofos cast magic on him to make sure he did not lie, which Berra repeatedly said was pointless – Onjur could tell the truth and still mislead them.

Onjur put it to the group that there was a HeroQuest which could bring back a god – if they brought back the Emperor who had recently been killed, this would be a fine thing, and an Emperor with better advisors would be far less likely to send the Crimson Bat to Sartar. An advisor such as Onjur would try to stop him.

Further questioning did elicit more information – the Lunar ‘version’ of the Lightbringers’ quest was the Seven Mothers’ quest which had brought back the Red Goddess.

“What’s that place? Bellend?” – Berrra
“Belensfield.” – Varanis
“I’m not good at Foreign languages!” – Berra

“Nobody has killed anyone.” – GM
sighs – Berra

“I am as pale as the people here. This is weird.” – Berra

“I’m not a taxonomist of biology…” – Xenofos

“What’s biology and what… tanono… taxini… the other thing?” – Berra
“Tax collecting.” – Varanis
“Putting things into categories.” – Xenofos
“So you can tax them? Right.” – Berra

“You’ve got here, then.” – Onjur
“You look better when you’re running away from a mad axe-woman.” – Berra

“I expect the bat to be guided to Tarsh and then into Sartar this year or next.” – Onjur

“Surely it’s imperial will?” – Xenofos
“No, it’s the Cult of the Bat. And the emperor is badly advised at times. Evil advisors, I would even say. And sometimes his friends need to save him from them.” – Onjur
“Are you saying you’re a friend of the Emperor?” – Berra

“Because you have a motive to have the bat not come to Sartar, and because I have found you incredibly irritating in your ability to mess up my plans.” – Onjur
“Berra is just grinning from the minute he starts talking.” – Berra

“Being – if you’ll pardon the expression – barbarians – I imagine you’ve imagined disrupting by wholesale gaolbreak or possible massacre the slaves on which the bat feeds…” – Onjur
“What happens if the bat is freed?” – Ranie
boggle-eyes – Berra

“I do not care for Chaos.” – Onjur
twitch – Berra

“And he can’t come back without the Great Compromise?” – Xenofos
“That’s what this is about, isn’t it?” – Onjur
“That was a question, not an answer.” – Berra
“Yes, it was, wasn’t it?” – Onjur

“There is always the possibility that someone has…” – Onjur
“Been more Lunar than you?” – Berra
“Subverted one of my people.” – Onjur

“Remember, when you advance a square of spearmen, you would like them to survive, but if you achieve your objective, you can lose them if necessary.” – Onjur
“Mate. I’m a Humakti. I’ve known that for a very long time.” – Berra
“Good.” – Onjur