Ridden Out Of Town

Berra — Ridden Out Of Town

1628, Sea Season, Fertility Week


Sea Season, Fertility Week, late on Clayday. Varanis’ band has just been banished from Colymar lands. [[[s03:session-6|Session 6]]]


A couple of hours out of Clearwine, Varanis brings Manasa alongside Followed. “I’m sorry.” She even sounds it.

Berra is on watch, looking like this level of alertness is coming by concentration. Her face is pale, and her gaze on the landscape is far too intense. Varanis gets a nod, and a tiny lift of the chin in acknowledgement – maybe even acceptance – and then Berra returns to sweeping for enemies.

“You heard her,” Varanis states heatedly. “She claimed she was waiting for a sign. As if lighting the Flame wasn’t enough! She was doubting Kallyr’s claim to the Kingship. I had to speak up.” Berra’s quiet acknowledgment has not assuaged the riot of emotions in the Vingan.

Berra nods deeper, like she knows.

“Are you angry with me?”

Berra makes a face, shrugs, shakes her head. Not that. Then she goes back to staring at the world, looking for problems.

Varanis sighs and falls silent. The peace only lasts for a few breaths before she bursts out with, “Then why aren’t you talking to me?”

Berra looks at Varanis for a brief moment before she says quietly, “Because I don’t want to talk.”

With a snort of frustration, Varanis reins in Manasa and allows Berra to ride ahead. She doesn’t attempt to initiate conversation again that evening.

Berra cannot yet talk about being banished. Varanis wants to.