Fragment 3.2 – The Habit of Command

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 3 2


Treading the roads with a bison that followed1Or ‘her bison named “thing which followed”‘
Berra was counting the warriors by her
Hiring as captain2While Goldman argues that this is a sign of maturity, Garin notes that this is directly after a named battle in which the Berra figure was rewarded handsomely, and therefore she is capable of spending, and does so, as a rich warrior should. the soldier Humakti
Gramnest and Harrij and Cullar Malani

Keeping her friends in the safety of Humakt
Berra walked on in command of her soldiers
Setting a guard on the head of young Berra3‘Berinnima’ or Berra the Younger
Keeping her watch ever-constant to foeward

Berra and her friends met up in Boldhome once more, warned by guards at the gate to whom Berra had given small gifts to watch for just a thing. After some initial celebration and an explanation there was a mini Varanis called Berra, they showed everyone the house, and then the next day, set off for the Blue Tree to pick up Tiny Berra and show her to Leika.

On the way to Clearwine they stopped at Jonstown, where on the way out, they saw Gunda the Guilty going in. They moved on, after Berra unwisely drew attention to Gunda, and Rajar offered the warrior woman a drink. Clearwine itself was not a problem to get into, and everyone enjoyed a meal and settled into the White Grape.

“It’s confusing people” – Berra, looking delighted

“Did that feathery little f*cker dig up the road?” – Berra, joyfully