Flowery Words

1628, Earth Season, Early


Berra has been called to the Temple unexpectedly. Thanks to Maalira helping her to clear fish oil out of her hair, she smells pleasantly of flowers. Session S3SA: 01.


Eril is standing by his altar. There is no sign of the mess that Berra made last time she was here.

“Lord, you called for me.”

“You will march under the cloak of Sword Graria.” Eril then pauses, as if surprised by something, and focuses more keenly on Berra.

Berra’s expression shows a flash of puzzlement, but she bows.

Athanu, is she wearing perfume?

I am I unable to tell without full senses.

There are no known paramours. It would be worrying if she had any.

Not forbidden.

It would indicate lack of commitment.

Eril wrinkles his patrician nose, narrows his eyes as he looks at Berra.

“Is that all, Lord?”

No seeming guilt…

“If you hear or see anything unusual that reminds you of your recent sojourn to annexed Tarsh, report it to me when I am free, directly. Let the Wyter know only that you wish speech, and make it short.” Eril pads closer to her, apparently to examine Berra’s jugular vein, from a polite distance, around a sword’s length. Perhaps the carotid artery. It is hard to tell, with the only light in the room behind him. This time he sniffs audibly.

Flowers of some kind.

And a bearing oil.

I know what perfumes are, Athanu.

Berra looks like she is coming to a conclusion.

Hmm… will she?

“I should have the torc back tomorrow, High One. I can get it tonight if I gotta.”


“Tomorrow will be sufficient. You are dismissed.”

It is hard to tell her insubordination from her ignorance.

Berra bows shortly, and turns to go.

Perhaps the Voria-girls decided that she was short enough to be one of them? Still, I think it is only Kalis baiting me, in that case.


I do not stoop to answer.