Berra — Unworried

1627, Sea Season, Disorder Week


Sea Season, Disorder Week, Waterday, on the road. [[[s02:session-30|Session 30]]]


Xenofos face tries to show calm and polite expression. What it does show is conflict inside, embarrasment, delight in seeing her and unhappiness.

Berra stays cool, in the Darkness sense of the word, but not cold. There is politeness there, or course. She is professional. “Xenofos. We have plenty of people for tonight. Chance to sleep through. Are you taking a watch?” It is seldom optional.

“You are saying there is no need?”

“There isn’t, no. Unless you want to get to know how people watch.” The little warrior sounds casual enough about the numbers. Maybe even happy about them.

He nods. “Saving that for the night there will be need then, for I have no doubt it will indeed come”

“You sleep through.” She gives him a grin, and that seems to be it for her. In a moment she’ll be moving on.

“Berra… I don’t know just what you said to upset her. I love you beyond reason and when you hurt her I am torn like a rag. Did you have to talk like you did?”1Just a special on Love (Berra), special on Loyalty (Varanis) and special on Truth…

Berra pauses, and then kneels down, although she is considering it. “It doesn’t matter what I said,” she says. “I was angry and I let her know. What matters is that she believes me. That’s what hurt her. She looked back.”

“Don’t hurt her just because you are angry, please. You can cut her deep, quite casually. I don’t know if you know how easily.”

“I really didn’t. I made her think. She hurt her, once she realised. But she’ll get over it and it’ll make her think more in future.” Berra is, however, honest, and so she adds, “I guess that coming from me it was different, maybe. But I wasn’t trying to. It’s the first time that she… that she pissed me off that much. But I’m over it, and I’m pretty sure she’s getting that way. Movement helps – it takes us past things.”

He nods, but does not answer in words.

Berra stands with her natural fluidity. “Make sure you eat properly, drink properly.”

“I will, little cousin.”

Off she goes, to let people know when they will be awake, and who they will wake up.
Berra gives Xenofos the option of a night off, which he takes

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    Just a special on Love (Berra), special on Loyalty (Varanis) and special on Truth…