Fragment 2.4 – The Road Smugglers

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 4


Pacing the way on her horse with her weapons
Berra advanced down the road out of Whitewall
Down to the docks for the journey to Nochet
Keeping the wagons and mules safe behind her

Riding the road was a wagon of smugglers
Berra was soon asking questions among them
Growing the thoughts that they lied in their passage
Asking for proof of their goods as they travelled

First one attacked with a whip to her person
Man striking out at her face in his terror
Berra was calm and the blow put beside her
Then they pushed on with the cart and the horses

Seizing the reins Berra halted the wagon
Then fled the smugglers who knew she brought justice
One who was hidden rose up to strike Rajar
Two who were running were captured in fleeing

The group set off from Whitewall to avoid whatever dire fate Berra had apparently brought upon herself.1GM Note: none. The local gang wanted her out of the way because they were scared of her colliding with a plan of theirs. On the road down to the local docks, a separate village from Whitewall itself, they encountered a wagon coming the other way. The carter gave Berra a terrified look and seemed to be worried about the feather. In the hope of tracking down Devolin or some interesting Duck, Berra stopped the cart and asked some pointed questions, rapidly becoming suspicious. She went back to warn the others she was going to ask questions, and then cast Detect Truth on herself, and quickly found out that the two men on the cart were lying about what they were planning to do and sell. Meanwhile Rajar and Varanis had come up to the cart.

The carter tried to whip Berra out of the way. She surprised herself by not drawing on him immediately, but he also tried to move the cart through the three of them, at which point she grabbed the reins. The men ran for it, and Rajar, Varanis and Berra gave chase. Rajar and Varanis noticed a crossbowman – Varanis went back for him and killed him after bouncing on him with a Leap, while Berra and Rajar (with the help of Biily) captured a man apiece. Examining the cart showed that there was hazia hidden in the false bottoms of crates. They made a pyre for it and hung up the body of the crossbowman from a nearby tree.

Berra questioned the carters, finding out from them that they were afraid of a criminal Duck, rumoured to have black feathers. She was hopeful of meeting Devolin again, but the carters did not know how to contact him, only that he was a terror in the night.

The trip to Nochet was unmarred but enlivened by Varanis setting fire to a pirate ship along the way, using Lightning.

In Nochet, Berra went along to the Temple of Humakt to ask her old superior officer, Great Sword Chettoria, for permission to bring Yamia along. After obtaining that she went to the Saiciae House.

“Only one Duck is Berra’s hobby.” – Berra
“(Hobby?)” – Xenofos
“Hunting Devolin is a hobby.” – Berra
“It’s a euphemism.” – Varanis
“IT IS.” – Berra


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    GM Note: none. The local gang wanted her out of the way because they were scared of her colliding with a plan of theirs.