Bruised Egos

1628, Storm Season, Movement Week, Clayday


Berra has not quite been herself, but she is at least something closer now. Session SA3.13.


It is late in Storm Season and there has been a lull in the cold rains. Snow is a distant memory, and a subtle threat, and there are still frosts, but the season is considerably warmer now than it was a few weeks ago. Berra limps into the house that she and Varanis own, and closes the door with a slight whimper. “Ow,” she tells it, and goes on into the Praxian room. Her cloak is torn and there are a few bruises on her face.

Mellia, who thinks it’s still cold, is sitting by the fire. When she sees Berra’s bruises, she gets up. “Berra? How badly are you hurt? Let me clean you up.”

Berra thinks, “Just a bit?” she suggests. “I got knocked down.” She does not look unhappy about that; she shrugs. “I landed pretty well, but I landed where it started a fight.”

“I want to hear the story,” Mellia says, “just as soon as I get my kit.” Luckily it’s not far away.

Mellia returns from her guest room in about two minutes, medical kit in hand. “Tell all.”

Berra is sitting down by the fire. “I was going along a wall, and it wasn’t wet, but it was slimy, and I started slipping, so I jumped, and I came down in a group of Orlanthi.” She holds still, letting herself be examined – mostly it is just bruising.

Mellia searches for cuts first. “Aha. I’m betting the Orlanthi were looking for a fight.”

“Well, yeah. I even tried to tell them I wasn’t after one!” Berra seems amazed it did not work, rather than angry.

“Stupid people, they should work at the temple for a while.” Mellia takes a tiny jug from the kit and dabs a little liquid onto the bruises. “There, that should help. Don’t swallow it.”

“Why would I swallow it? I can’t even lick it!” Berra seems confused. “Anyhow, I didn’t fight anyone, but that’s not because I’m a coward. How are you? Has the baby moved yet? Do you have all the crib-things you need?”

“I feel great, even though I didn’t get the pregnancy blessed,” Mellia replies. “The baby hasn’t moved yet, I think. More crib-things are always welcome. Do you think I should invite the priestesses of Xiola Umbar? It’s such a long way to the Shadow Plateau.”

“I think you should even if she can’t come. Or maybe send a gift to her about it. Did you tell her you’re going to be a mother?” Berra prods at one of the bruises, grimacing thoughtfully.

“No, I completely forgot!” Mellia replied. “What time is it? If it’s dark we can go talk to the troll traders about sending news.”

“Not yet. I was going to go out and get food up by the Temple, and then I didn’t get there, and I decided to come here instead of going there to explain why I looked beaten up, and the food place there closes at dark, and then does another hour a bit later with hot food on some days.” A lot of details to say ‘still daylight’.

“Maybe we should raid the kitchen while we wait,” suggests Mellia. “Or we could go out. I know just the cloth merchant if you want a new cloak.”

“I don’t need a new cloak. I can… well, Yehna can repair this one. I could but it wouldn’t look so good. Let’s get something to eat, and then maybe something more to eat. Is it a bad idea to see how much I can eat? It sounds like a bad idea.”

“You will get sick if you eat too much. Let’s go to the White Grape. Rondrik won’t feed you vegetables.”

Berra nods. “Yeah, he knows me.” She stands up and stretches. “Or eggs or bird meat. That means chicken bone soup, too.” She scowls on examining her cloak. “It’s worse than I thought. A job for magic.”

Mellia sympathizes, “That’s a shame. Does Yehna know such magic, or are we talking about a new cloak?”

“Someone will know it. It’ll be fine.” Berra goes on with a grin, but without a pause. “It’s warm enough to go without anyhow. It’s not raining. Are you ready to go?”

“Let me get my cloak.” This doesn’t take long.

Berra bounces on the spot while waiting, like she often used to. “I am ready,” she says. “Maybe I’ll have some perry too. Not a vegetable. It’ll be warmer too, and maybe I’ll stop wanting a cloak soon. How’s Lord Venlar taking going to be being a father?”

“He’s absolutely thrilled,” Mellia says. “He wrote letters to absolutely everyone he knows about it. Before you ask, the twins are taking the news well.”

“Yehna’s really happy,” Berra says. “But she wants to make you the first wrapping blankets and Thenaya might as well. Maybe they can do it together?”

“Maybe. Thenaya’s got a head start. She got to work on blankets within an hour of us telling her.”

“Oh my!” Berra looks delighted. “Ask Yehna for something else. She’s good at giving people time, so they can do other things.”

“What should I ask Yehna for?”

“Advice?” Berra suggests, and goes for the door.