Fragment 2.37 – The Sight of Fazzur

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 37


She went with honour to meet with the Horse-Queen
Tied up her weapons and cast off her armour
Giving her trust to the child of Ernalda
Bleaching away how she acted with Leika1The explicit reference to the women’s art of dyeing supports the supposition that this stanza, showing a disarmed Berra, is a later inclusion. Alleyn has it as a continuation of the theme of the sword of Eril, ‘Alum’.

Meeting and feasting were called for the dusk-tide
There in the tent was a man that she hated
Fazzur the killer who laughed at the slaughter
Murdered the ducks for the favour of Glamour

The group was greeted by the Feathered Horse Queen and invited to a feast, with a private meeting with her afterwards, for Varanis. This happened; the feast had not one but two sets of Lunars. One was sent by Pharandros, and the other was headed by Fazzur Wideread himself. Even once she found out that the instigator of the Duck Hunt was present, Berra behaved politely. She was also well behaved at the private meeting later.

Berra asks Xenofos, “What’s this coin?”
“She is mostly staring at the picture.” – Berra
“Imperial gold coin. Worth a wheel.” – Xenofos
“Imperial?” – Berra
“That is the Moonson, Berra. Lunar emperor” – Xenofos
“Can I have one that doesn’t have his picture on, do you think?” – Berra
“I don’t think they have ones without?” – Xenofos

“Berra will sleep that night, zonked out flat on the floor. Even getting up a few minutes after dawn.” – Berra

“Last time I saw something like that, it was at Pennel Ford.” – Berra

“But I don’t like having spies right inside.” – Berra
“Suck it up.” – Varanis

“Berra’s happy and polite and sociable, and a bit formal – and all like that.” – Berra
“She has also passed Honour.” – Berra

“Berra ignores the attractive female attractively femaling.” – Berra
“-D6 from Find Women Attractive…” – Berra
*passes Act for no reason* – Berra

“What, Fazzur? That fucker?” – Berra
“Fazzur the great strategos?” – Xenofos
“The man who had the Ducks killed? Yeah, him?” – Berra