Who am I?


Tribe, Clan, Class

High Llama of Blue Llama clan, warrior
Suuraki’s family is this:
His Step-Father is Irgoi Tall-man who is an ex Zebra rider.
His mother is Harajanna.
He has older brother Afdoon and sister Ekwend.

Chief of that clan at the time of his wedding, Storm Season 1627, is was Mirrip the Killer of Cowards.
No need to worry. Unless you are a coward.

The Blue Llama Shaman is Nangananga – he’s geased not to use his real name, so he changes it from time to time as people decide they know him

Family Tree

Suuraki family tree
Suuraki’s family tree across two generations


General Appearance



Suuraki, serving Argrath joined the group when they were travelling to Pavis. He fell in love to a lovely Bison Rider Valseena whom he married.