Fragment 3.5 – The River Planting

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 3 5


Torograi’s yearning was nothing to Berra
Pure was the maiden as fresh was her water1The Sage Llewun has been observed to read this line without falling over laughing, but not reliably.
He with a song that would call down the songbirds
Bade her farewell as she walked on the moorland

[drago]newt2Or ‘great bachelor newt’ blades come to slaughter
Laying them down with the mercy of Humakt

Then for a day and a night and a morning
Berra walked down to the river at Quackford3Alleyn gives Peepford – the same, but younger, as distinct from Duck Point.
Sinking herself in the creek’s turbid waters
Greeting the river and bringing its infant

The group stayed at Quackford, where the River Temple offered them sanctuary. Berra woke in the morning to find two ducks and a newtling sleeping in the water around her. She made sure it was clean, and sent a different duck away with an accidental crocodile that Varanis created. They set off up to whether the river would start, on the way finding the body of a messenger killed by dragonewt weapons. Dragonewts tried to ambush them, but Berra could feel their presence, and all were killed after a short fight. Two killed themselves rather than face either capture or failure.

They walked the river down to Quackford for a hero’s welcome.

“Now finish it.” – Berra
terrified chewing of chilli-flavoured meat – Duckling
“A Humakti would not steal.” – Berra

Despite the snarl, Berra was gentle when dropping the ducklings, making sure they had room to land. And kept her right hand free.

In the shrine, Berra almost relaxes, putting the egg down for the first time in hours.

“I am NOT a sheep shagger!” – Varanis
“The Greydogs ARE sheep-shaggers.” – Berra
“They say it’s better than zombies.” – Berra
“At least it’s not the goat-fucking Balkoth.” – Berra

“Berra’s calm after the shouting, listening to Xenofos’ report and keeping an eye on things as she usually does.” – Berra

“So that one is Eril’s lackey.” – Elder
“No, really not. I’m just in his temple.” – Berra

Berra adds salt to her porridge. And offers food to the egg.

“She is chattering to the egg today.” – Berra
“Magic egg – I wouldn’t be surprised if it talked.” – Varanis

“You’re covered by fifty archers.” – Guard
points at Truth Rune – Berra
“Would you like to try that again?” – Berra

“Berra’s polite to Xenofos, maybe a little obviously. She’s trying, but she manages it.” – Berra