Fragment 2.41 – The Adoption of Berra

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 41


Out in the mountains of Tarsh in high summer
Godfri took Berra to talk of her feather
Black as his own and a gift of a mallard
Told her its import and gave her his blessing

Berra the duck came to sit with her clanfolk
Told them her news in a voice made of wonder
Rajar was wise and said nothing was altered
Berra in both lives was servant to Humakt

The group travelled across Tarsh, shedding Godfri on the way. They were shadowed by grazelanders who thought they were a Praxian raiding party, and told Berra that women had no place being warriors. Fortunately, they did not attack, and the group got over the Oslir, upstream of Fazzur’s island. When Varanis was unhorsed by Manasa mid-crossing, the little crocodiles that appeared fizzled away before they got into the water, in wisps of red smoke. This panicked Xenofos rather, and Berra did her best to talk him down.

They reached a dragonewt road and Berra got very excited talking to and about dragonewts. When one of them took Varanis away down the road without warning, she offered to fight on behalf of Xenofos, who refused any offer of help, saying it was his liege who had been stolen. However, the remaining dragonewt offered them all a lift, and Berra went ‘WOOOOOOO’ most of the way through the short, intense, fast movement along the dragonewt road.

At the other end, the Inhuman King was there, with his guests, Fazzur Wideread and Mirava Saiciae.

“Women have no place in the war band.” – Yelmian Grazelander
<<laughing too hard to answer>> – Berra

“Are clutch-mate of other guest?” – Dragonewt
“That one might be.” – Berra

“Clutch is when you’re born together when you’re ducks…. Sorry, I’ll shut up.” – Berra