Fragment 3.11 – The Dwarf Mine

Under the Earth where the Dwarfs made their tunnels
Berra defended the halls of her hosting
Swore with her sword she would keep all the secrets
Marched in the Dark with the Truth held before her

Within the Dwarf Mine, the group – minus Koraki – were asked to do a favour to the Dwarf, as he had a problem that needed more than the usual amount of flexibility, and many dwarfs might fall prey to what was down there, despite it being something that would not affect human people. Berra did a lot of questioning about how to bring people back – dead or alive, and in how many pieces. She learned that Dwarfs did not get ill in the Mallian sense, but had a special kind of Dwarf sickness instead.

Naturally, Berra volunteered along with the others, and they were given a quarter hour to prepare, then t’Dwarf himself took them down in a room that moved, to a place far, far below the surface. T’Dwarf gave them odd-looking lanterns for in case the internal lighting failed. As they wandered onwards, the odd lighting on the walls was flickering, and then two lanterns exploded, with a spirit coming out of each. Berra was attacked, as was Valseena.

Berra managed to cast Spirit Block, and fought the spirit, which backed off enough to speak through Valseena, telling them things:

“The Processing Unit is not what it seems.”
“All of the Processing Units are Plotting…”

However, Berra was angry with being held still. Suuraki summoned a spirit of law, which destroyed the spirit in Valseena, and Berra tore the thing fighting her into bits. However, Valseena was unconscious, so they went back to the start of the passage, where T’Dwarf was, to report what had happened, and leave Valseena there.

“Berra seems to be enjoying the food.” – Berra

“WE VOLUN… we do volunteer don’t we?” – Berra

“A component has stopped answering to its calls.” – T’Dwarf
“He means a dwarf has gone missing, Rajar.” – Berra
“Rajar stops looking puzzled.” – Rajar

“Probably it’s just me being cautious. Careful.” – T’Dwarf
“2000 years old.” – Berra
“Someat like that.” – T’Dwarf
“Or it could be acid-spitting tentacled things.” – Rajar
“If we’re lucky.” – Berra

Berra pretty obviously has no clue how to read these maps.

Berra rolls her shoulders out, gets ready for a fight, and asks Valseena, “You get what we’re doing?”

“I like you.” – Berra
“Is that necessary.” – T’Dwarf
“No, and it’s a weakness in me. I’m sorry.” – Berra
nods – T’Dwarf
“She talks a lot.” – Rajar

“”I’ve got a question. Do you want it stopped? Or do you want it brought back? And how can we tell if it’s got a dwarf disease? Alright, that was three questions.” – Berra” – Berra
“Well, you did have a question. Having A question does not preclude having other questions.” – T’Dwarf
*nodnodnod* – Berra

“I call not being the tunnel rat.” – Suuraki
“I am here for you.” – Berra

“Y’d either not manage to work the chamber, or gods alone know where you’d get to.” – T’Dwarf
“That sounds really exciting! But we appreciate you staying.” – Berra

“Berra is imprinting on the Dwarf.” – Berra

“”We asked the dwarf about it, he said ‘mine’.” – Berra

“Marching order?” – Varanis
“1A.” – Berra

“If it’s of Chaos, I can fight it.” – Berra
“So I’m going to attack it again in Spirit Combat.” – Berra

“Xenofos, Berra looks furious.” – Berra
“The nose!” – Berra