Fragment 2.44 – The Test of Asceticism

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 44


Up at the city of Whitewall in regrowth
Berra was feasted and drank only water
Held to the promise she made to the sword-god
Staying ascetic while drink flowed around her

Berra spent some time at the Temple of Humakt, Divining a question of the great Hero, Eril – who was, as far as she could tell, increasingly annoyed about the interruptions. She emerrged to wander back down to Irillo’s caravan in time to hear Varanis and Rajar talking about how Varanis was apparently King of Heortland now; Berra did a lot of shouting, mostly at Rajar, but also at everyone else present. She made a passer-by wet himself when the man tried to acclaim Varanis, indeed.

Finally, in questioning Ahmed the Horse Dealer, they found out that horse-men had come this way, inspired by Varanis – about two-hundred of them. In a hurry, they all set off for Boldhome.

“Berra is visiting the Temple. Her Temple. And comes out and actually giggles. Then falls over laughing.” – Berra

<<standing on a wagon, shouting>> – Berra

“Berra’s looking like she REALLY wants to be asked to kill people.” – Berra

“If you call her Queen, I will draft you so I can fight you, and then I will gut you!” – Berra

“I see you’ve brought another potential wife for me.” – Luminous Stallion King
“What in fuck?” – Berra

“Peeling himself away from a shadow…” – GM
“Berra nods politely to him.” – Berra

Questions to Duck: Bison Edition

“What’s your bison called?”

1) Bithon

“Do I pronounce that ‘bison’, Lord?”

1) If you want.

“Is it a name or just what it is, because that’s confusing me a bit.”

1) Both

“Bithon, then.”