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Lenta Hulta

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  • Godday Night At The Camp
    1627, Fire Season, Season, Movement Week, Godday: Berra, Rajar, and Xenofos take stock of the Esrolian troops. They aren’t impressed with what they’ve seen.
  • Freezeday In The Camp
    1627, Fire Season, Season/Illusion Week: Varanis finally makes a visit to the camp of the Esrolian Free Company. Venlar is there to advise and support.
  • Waterday Night
    1627, Fire Season, Illusion Week, Waterday: Varanis discusses what she saw in the camp with Lenta, Venlar and Xenofos
  • Waterday: After Noon
    Varaneva is summoned. Varanis tells her to answer the charges and she agrees.(1627, Fire Season, Illusion Week, Waterday)
  • The Merchant
    Berra made sure a merchant came to the camp, prepared to sell exactly what was needed. (1627, Fire Season, Illusion Week)
  • Words In The Saddle
    Xenofos — Words In The Saddle 1627 Context On the road to Glasswall Events En route to Glasswell, Lenta seeks out Xenofos. She’s riding a bay mare and it’s obvious she’s comfortable on horseback. “Mylady” Xenofos greets her when she approaches. “My lord, Xenofos. You ...
  • Words At Breakfast
    Xenofos — Words At Breakfast 1627 Context At Glasswall the morning after the argument about eating Events In the morning after the fight Xenofos will come for breakfast at the time Varanis is doing her ceremony. Lenta welcomes him. “Good morning. How are you?” “As well ...
  • Lives Lost
    In the aftermath of the battle to retake Alda Chur, Varanis begins to take stock of the deaths.
  • Pyre Of Heroes
    1627, Earth Season, After the battle at Alda Chur: How the corps remembered its dead and disbanded, how Varanis gave gifts to her retinue and how they travelled towards Boldhome.
  • Shrine Of The Wind
    Lenta — Shrine Of The Wind 1627 Context At harvest time, Lentas Second visit to Blue Tree clan Events Lenta looks at Berra who is using Haran as a hat and disappears discreetly on the side. She asks one of the guards a ...
  • Talks In The Pale Morning Light
    Lenta — Talks In The Pale Morning Light 1627, Earth Season Context Late in Earth Season, in the early morning of the second day at the Blue Tree Spoilers for Varanis Events It is early in the morning. Light mist lingers in the low ...
  • Talk In The Chief’s Hall
    Lenta — Talk In The Chief S Hall 1627, Earth Season Context Late Earth season, second day at the Blue Tree . Spoilery for Berra. Events The morning after their arrival in Blue Tree, Varanis has entirely failed to notice that Lenta is upset. However, ...
  • Talk During The Rain
    Lenta — Talk During The Rain 1627, Earth Season Context Late Earth season, second day of visit in the afternoon Events As Yehna is talking to her friends the short Esrolian approaches her coming foretold by the faint tingling of her earrings. Yehna ...
  • Talks In The Dusk
    Lenta — Talks In The Dusk ???? Context At the Blue Tree on the evening after the Fertility ritual Events As Varanis is trying to find out how much lighter the perry of season is when compared to perry of yesteryear Lenta appears ...
  • Talks In The Pale Morning Light II
    Lenta — Talks In The Pale Morning Light Ii ???? Context Blue Tree village second morning after the Orlanth drunk ritual Events Yelm has risen above the mountainside and the Vingans have slain Yelm. Air is still pretty chilly when Varanis leaves the ...
  • Baby Blessings
    In Boldhome, Varanis talks with Lenta at the White Grape, revealing her latest secret.
  • Tired and dusty
    Lenta returns to Boldhome with Maalira, Berra and Varanis and contemplates what she should be doing.
  • Put to task
    Lenta had a chat with Kalis on the morning following her return to Boldhome from Grayrock
  • Waiting for the news
    Lenta helps with harvest rituals at temple of Ernalda. And waits fot news from Tarsh.
  • Wind in her hair
    On the road from Boldhome towards Jonstown Lenta has a word with Varanis
  • In company of the Pathfinder
    Lenta talked with Finarvi when they were riding towards Dangmarsstead. Possibly spoilery for Varanis and Serala
  • Dance in the orchard
    Dangmar helped Finarvi and Lenta. Lenta asked the matron of the stead if she can thank with a small dance.
  • Spindle and wool
    Prompted by Kalis Lenta asked Varanis for a spindle. After shopping she brought that and wool to her. (1628, Earth Season, Stasis Week, Day after we came to Boldhome)
  • Bathing Beauties
    A day which started with nothing much going on ended with the group being thrown into a very familiar Heroquest. That awkwardness has nothing on two people with designs on Varanis sharing a bath with Varanis.
  • In Hot Water
    Lenta returns from a visit to Clearwine and Mellia and Yehna catch her up. (1628, Dark Season, probably the end of Disorder Week)
  • Cloven in Three
    Lenta is at home when Varanis and Berra come back from worship at Humakt’s Temple. She makes drinks and checks out the strange effect under which Berra labours – being quiet and polite.
  • Old Wounds
    Mellia examines Berra, who is badly wounded.
  • Finding Hope
    Mellia continues to try to work out what is affecting Berra.
  • Trials and Tribulations
    Varanis is called to trial before Kallyr over grave robbery and desecration.
  • Kohl Face
    1629, Sea Season, Disorder Week Context Riding towards the Orlamani, Berra and Lenta talk about mostly whether Lenta is wet, and also being Vingan and In A Mood. Session SA4.04. Events It is a damp day, and Berra is on a wet horse, riding like someone who actually knows which end is which. Her posture is good, and she ...
  • Earnest Ernalda
    Having spent a night at Beasts Gather, the party are riding toward the Nunnery. A tired Varanis is mounted on Manasa when Lenta comes to talk. (1629, Sea Season, Disorder Week, Clayday)
  • Welcome back
    Lenta recovers from her resurrection at the Nunnery. Varanis is fussing. (1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Waterday)
  • The Morning After the Mourning
    The group talk about what might be wrong at the Six Sisters, and Mellia decides to go see the trolls. (1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Clayday)
  • Job Offer
    It is around mid-morning the day after the celebration at the water shrine near Beasts Gather. Varanis has a horrible headache, but wants to present her idea to Lenta anyway. Berra comes along to offer opinions. (1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Clayday)
  • A low crow
    Mellia tries to work out what’s wrong with Varanis. (1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Godday)
  • Say that to all the girls
    Varanis and Lenta talk before camping by the Six Sisters. (1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Clayday?)
  • Back and Back Again
    Lenta asks Berra to do a couple of things for her in Boldhome.
  • A Little Rebellion
    Lenta and Varanis squabble while riding through Culbrea territory. (1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Godday)
  • Bitter Goodbyes
    The party splits. (1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Godsday)