Fragment 3.7 – The Report to Eril


Turning her eyes to the letter of Onjur1
Berra took word to the Temple of Humakt
Bringing the news of the Bat to her Captain
Tall Eril listened in silence to Berra

Seeking for knowledge of enemy Onjur
Erill called Berra to speak to the Rune-Lords
Questioning close all the plotting she told him
Finding in words she spoke truth for the taking

Then to the Temple her bound her tithe-service
Ordered her lessons for Lords of the Sword-cult
Speaking of Onjur she planned with Lord Heenith
D’Val of the sword-path and Graria Greatsword

Nala was arranging going to get a thunder lizard, and Berra started by helping with that, making sure that Maalira and Valseena knew it would be a huge logistical problem, and then, alas, getting called back to the Sword Temple, to brief some of the senior Sword Lords, and D’Val, on Onjur and his likely activities.

“I like Nala. But sometimes she’s as thick as pig shit.” – Berra
“Really thick slurry.” – Berra
“That pig’s been eating a lot of meat.” – Berra

“Once you’ve got the thunder lizard, you’re going to have to feed it.” – Berra

“Temple called have to go!” – Berra