Fragment 46 – The Release of Yelm

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 46


Deep in the Temple of Humakt her body
Berra sat grim in the Sword-hall of Humakt
Living as he who is Death in the god-time
Slayer of Grandfather Mortal and Sword Lord

Knowing that mortals were living in Hell-bind
Humakt set forth to set right was what broken
Slaying the Trolls who invaded in Darkness
Bringing the mortals for judgement in Sword-hall

Spoke he to Orlanth refusing the life-gift
Grim was his judgement and cold was his heart then
Never did pride move decision within him
Only the knowledge of proper behaviour

Humakt knew Yelm and had served him when living
Lord of his Mentor and Liege of his Master
Knowing his heart would lead Death to be partial
Humakt expelled him from Death to bring Springtime

Berra awoke as her spirit ascended
Up from the Underworld out from the Godtime
Climbed to the roof of the Temple of Humakt
Watched from the outside as Kallyr rode Flameward

Berra, as Humakt, was in the hall of the dead when he realised there were living people in Hell, the realm he must protect. He rose up, summoning several war bands, and sending them out to search. With him he took the new warrior, Salid, to find out his mettle. They searched for ageless time, untl they came across a band of gods being chased by trolls. Humakt roared out a challenge to Zorak Zoran, who came on in chase, to be met by a jab from Salid that he deflected, and a mighty blow from Humakt, which he failed to parry. In falling, Zorak Zoran still struck out, hitting Humakt hard enough to break his left arm and jar his sword away, but he was swiftly cut to pieces by the living gods, while Humakt picked up his sword and healed himself. Chalana Arroy finished off his healing, for Humakt was drained by the fight.

Humakt gave the living ones the option of leaving, or of dying. Orlanth argued, but finally said that if he had to die to rescue Yelm, he would, and Humakt struck him down. With nowhere for his spirit to go, he did not die in the way Yelm had, and they found themselves in the Hall of the Dead, where some argued that Yelm should be released while others went to speak with the Emperor. Humakt pondered on Life, Death, and Truth. Finally, he released Yelm because he could not keep the Emperor there without distraction, which was stopping him from being just.

Berra woke up in the Temple of Humakt, with the rest of the Heroquestors, and Kallyr, who had Yelm’s Spark burning her hand. Berra remained in the Temple and watched from a distance as the Flame of Sartar was relit.

“You are resting in your hall, when you come to understand there are living beings in your realm” – GM
“Well, this is awkward.” – Humakt

“There will probably be several search parties, because I have a lot of troops.” – Humakt

“Salid is a warrior, he was slain in battle. He’s definitely earned the right…” – Humakt


“Humakt has a left arm that is badly damaged now, and his sword seems to be wedged in trollish armour.” – Humakt

“44 of a hundred.” – Salid
“Ok…. and He actually manages to parry that…” – GM
“That’s fine, because it means he’s on a -20 for his next parry, which I think is going to be someone a lot meaner.” – Salid
<<happy chuckling>> – Humakt

“Thirty-five.” – Humakt
“Which may be a special.” – Humakt
“Yes, that’s a special.” – Humakt

“I’ve hit him in the leg.” – Humakt
“What leg?” – GM
“Oh, left leg.” – Humakt
“No, what leg?” – GM
“Ah right, gotcha.” – Humakt

<<fumbles while fighting Zorak Zoran>>– Humakt
“That’s not a bad fumble result. However, he may have hit me…” – Humakt

“To your left arm.” – GM
“How did he reach that?” – Humakt
“He’s very big.” – Eurmal
“And you’re short.” – Orlanth
“Shut up.” – Humakt

“Humakt steps back, because he’s got a little bit of healing to do, and his sword seems to be um…. it’s over there, OK?” – Humakt

“You have a choice now. I can throw you from Hell, or I can kill you.” – Humakt
“I have to go to the Hall of the Dead.” – Orlanth
“Then that makes this easy.” – Humakt

“Humakt, you sent us here to fetch Yelm. You need to let us finish the job you started.” – Orlanth

“I’m here to make things better for others. If I have to die to do that, then do be it.” – Orlanth
“Right. Now I’ll step forward and I’ll kill Orlanth.” – Humakt
“I don’t like that choice!” – Orlanth

“Are they dead now? I want to be very sure of this.” – Humakt

“Humakt leans on his sword and ponders.” – Humakt

“Let’s leg it before Humakt stops thinking!” – Eurmal
“At about which point, Humakt stops thinking.” – Humakt

“Berra is just staring up at the ceiling.” – Berra

“Berra’s going to watch it from the Temple, silently.” – Berra