Fragment 46 – The Release of Yelm

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 46


Deep in the Temple of Humakt her body
Berra sat grim in the Sword-hall of Humakt
Living as he who is Death in the god-time
Slayer of Grandfather Mortal and Sword Lord

Knowing that mortals were living in Hell-bind
Humakt set forth to set right was what broken
Slaying the Trolls who invaded in Darkness
Bringing the mortals for judgement in Sword-hall

Spoke he to Orlanth refusing the life-gift
Grim was his judgement and cold was his heart then
Never did pride move decision within him
Only the knowledge of proper behaviour

Humakt knew Yelm and had served him when living
Lord of his Mentor and Liege of his Master
Knowing his heart would lead Death to be partial
Humakt expelled him from Death to bring Springtime

Berra awoke as her spirit ascended
Up from the Underworld out from the Godtime
Climbed to the roof of the Temple of Humakt
Watched from the outside as Kallyr rode Flameward

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