Fragment 2.19 – The Truth Sword

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 19


Deep in the desert of Prax Berra wandered
Seeking the Truth of a question within her
Was Hero-worship of Eril permitted
Worthy of Humakt and great in his honour

Not for herself asked the Dagger of Boldhome
Seeking no glory she asked for her Captain
Could be be worshipped in life as a Hero
Given the magic of those who were serving

First at her fire Berra sat drawing Truth-shapes
Death for protection and keeping her path safe
Truth laid on Truth for the knowing of answers
Truth laid on Death for the Captain of Boldhome

Then she drew blades and she danced for the sword-god
Fighting his foes in the dance of the ages
Keeping the fire for the Blacksmith who answered
Seeing his face with his eyes wide and burning

In Berra’s circle of bladework he hammered
Model of Humakt in sword-making he was
Took from her dreaming the shape of her pommel
Straight-edged he made it in praise of the Wyter

She knelt before him in reverent worship
Gave of her soul to lord Eril of Boldhome
Feeding the sword that no living eyes looked on
Giving herself to the Wyter and Eril1The Sage Llewun kindly asks people to stop drawing this line to his attention.

When she awoke she held Truth in her fastness
Clasped in her hand was the sword she had dreamed of
Hilted with Truth and with Death deep within it
Seen by no eyes but the Dagger of Boldhome

Straight to the Temple of Humakt she took it
This was her burden and this was her treasure
Up to the altar she walked with her sword then
Teaching it Death as it lay there beside her2This indicates that Berra was upon the altar, or laying beside it, possibly undergoing some magical ritual to bond her with her weapon.

When attempting to perform a divination3Before the events of last session to find out if Eril was worthy of worship as a Hero, Berra found that the Iron Lord of Boldhome answered, and he answered by listening, nodding in interest, and then making her sword. He at least had found her worthy of Iron. However, it was an unenchanted blade, and had never been used or even seen by anyone but her. It therefore represented the unknown Secret that Humakt found in Hell. She took it with her, unable to tell anyone, lest they look at it.

On reaching the city of Prax, they were told not to wear metal armour. Berra was fine in her leathers. Rajar managed to persuade the guards that he too was a White Bull and allowed to walk around tooled up, and he even knew the name of the captain. Varanis took off her armour with bad grace, and Xenofos and Nala were fine following instructions. Suuraki took them to the Temple of Zola Fel.

On the way, they began to spot Ducks and many, many newtlings. Berra noticed Xenofos was reaching for his javelin and seemed to be panicking, and she rode next to him, keeping him occupied.4With a roll on Harmony and Xenofos’s feelings giving a bonus, Berra managed to pass Charm. She was lovely to him and managed to keep his attention on her and off his fear until they reached the Temple, where there was fewer crowds. Nala told the tale of the finding of Huljeem the Priest, and they were all given hospitality. Berra noticed that they were being watched by a LOT of newtlings, and mentioned this to everyone but Xenofos.

Varanis went out to look for armour, refusing to wait for others, but taking Suuraki as a guide. Berra and Rajar escorted Xenofos to the library then went out for a drink. Rajar took her to a Storm Bull bar, where there was a Zorak Zoran troll, but nobody caused trouble, and Berra and Rajar made friends with an Uroxi by the name of Vishi. There was a lot of singing of sagas and then late in the afternoon they collected Xenofos. They were both tipsy, but not drunk. Nevertheless there were brows raised and beards waggling at the Temple.

When they returned to the temple, there were a lot of newtlings in attendance. Varanis had returned and told them she had been attacked by people who were of the Black Fang Brotherhood, according to the Waha shaman they had asked about their Runes. Berra determined to go to the Temple of Humakt and ask if she could be initiated into the secret of sensing assassins. However, she also had to teach her Sword what Death was, which she could not mention to her friends.

“Like many conversations, this is over my head.” – Berra

“Berra’s in her leather scouting gear. With a feather.” – Berra

“Berra’s talking to Xenofos and keeping his attention on her.” – Berra
“Throw a wine skin at Berra.” – Rajar
“Berra’s catch is pretty good, and she offers some to Xenofos.” – Berra
“She’s all lovely and sweet and… ugh.” – Berra

“Nala: Berra’s almost… flirting with him? And there’s a bit of blushing. Mostly from him.” – Berra
“LALALALA.” – Berra

“Berra will sleep in the same room as Xenofos if he still looks really afraid.” – Berra

“Berra is in armour but not heavily armoured, and has two swords and a shield. She looks a LOT like a Humakti.” – Berra
“I’ll wear my scale skirt. And a couple of battle axes and some hand axes” – Rajar
“Yeah. And if anyone says we’re under-dressed, they can ask us to put more on.” – Berra

“You know, Rajar, I’m really proud we’re not getting into trouble.” – Berra
“Rajar pauses, sips his drink. “Yet.” – Rajar

“Severe pass on Loyalty Clan…” – Berra
“Bastard.” – Berra
“I love Rajar enough that I’m not going to start a war. But I’m staying here with my back to the wall.” – Berra
“So you don’t start a war.” – Nala
“Yes.” – Berra

“What’s an exotic bird like you doing in a place like this?” – Vishi
“You here to drink or to talk?” – Berra

“Berra has her feet up on the passed-out storm bull.” – Berra

“No twatting Newtlings on the way.” – Berra
“No… what?” – Xenofos
“Maybe you could take this one, Rajar?” – Berra

“So anyhow. I always wanted to be fat. I mean, winter and all.” – Berra
“It’s good to have your own padding” – Rajar
“But I got short and muscly instead.” – Berra

“I’m going to go ask at the Temple about That Thing.” – Berra

“Berra is hanging around Xenofos – but now has to go. So will suggest that Xenofos looks after Varanis.” – Berra
“Is he looking after me or am I looking after him?” – Varanis
“Yes.” – Berra

  • 1
    The Sage Llewun kindly asks people to stop drawing this line to his attention.
  • 2
    This indicates that Berra was upon the altar, or laying beside it, possibly undergoing some magical ritual to bond her with her weapon.
  • 3
    Before the events of last session
  • 4
    With a roll on Harmony and Xenofos’s feelings giving a bonus, Berra managed to pass Charm.