5 grazelander horses
6 Lunar mounts
One so-called unrideable horse (in top riding condition)
Her usual, everyday mount Pagliacci (a trained war-horse counts as an everyday mount)
And the Goldeneye Stallion Warhorse, Cavalleria.

Many of these horses are held in common with her noble followers, by virtue of Serala’s generosity.

Non-Equine Family

Serala is a member of the White Hazel Clan of the Windstone Tribe.
Also adopted into the Blue Tree clan, of the Colymar tribe

Paternal Grandfather
Giland (1542 – ) Tribe Shaman. He appears to have plans for Serala, mostly around her returning to the plains to mate with someone of good pedigree and produce fine younglings for the good of the tribe. Serala has other plans.
Paternal Grandmother
Mireena (1555 – 1617) Trader. Died two years after the lost of most of her family, having lost the will to go on. What Giland made of being not worthy of going on for remains unrecorded.

Maternal Grandfather
Khazdan (1561 – 1615) Warrior. Died in the Grazelander campaign against the Lunars.
Maternal Grandmother
Raecha (1562 – 1592) Herder. Died well at the Battle of Grizzly Peak, killed by Lunar spirits, along with her older sister.

Loric (1576 – 1615) Healer. Died in the Grazelander campaign against the Lunars, trying to reach his wounded wife. This act of selfless bravery resulted in his adolescent children being orphaned. Priorities, right?
Gillae (1580 – 1615) Warrior. Died gloriously in the Grazelander campaign against the Lunars.

Enders (1600 – ) Warrior. Leader of the White Hazel Clan

Maternal Great-aunt
? Raecha’s older sister

Maternal aunt/uncle
Endars and Serala were taken in by their maternal family when everyone bar Grandfather Shaman, who had no intention of dealing with teenagers, were killed.

Cousin/foster brother
Finarvi (1604 – ) Redsmith. Technically cousin to Serala, they were always close, but when Enders and Serala moved in with Finarvi’s family, the trio drew close, particularly Finarvi and Serala. Yin and Yang, Finarvi is one of the few people who can get away with teasing Serala and making her laugh. He holds a special place in her heart; and takes advantage of the fact mercilessly.


Logs and Babble

The following logs are sorted chronologically by year and season. These predominantly emerge from text-based role-play.

  • Hot Tubbing
    1626, Sea Season, Godday: Serala and Varanis enjoy the baths at House Saiciae.
  • Riding Lessons
    1626, Sea Season, Fertility Week. Varanis asks Serala for riding lessons.
  • Making Peace
    1626, Sea Season, Movement Week. Serala and Varanis finally have it out.
  • You don’t have to do it alone
    1626, Sea Season, Movement Week. Serala points out that Varanis can rely on others.
  • Uzko Aftermath
    1626, Fire Season, Stasis Week, Windsday: In the aftermath of fighting Drazn’k, Varanis checks in with everyone.
  • Crying Wolf
    S01 — Session 35 1626 Season, Week, Day Dramatis Personae PC VaranisBerraDormalNalaRajarFinarviIrilloXenofos NPC D’Val the SwordZinat the WolfTiwr the Magnificent Greyrock Fall:Chief CarasaiHarvan, chief weaponthaneForsar Wolf-haterGalri of the MantleFalri and his bandMore skeletons than anyone is strictly happy with ...
  • Cave Crocodillem
    S01 — Session 36 1626, Fire Season Season, Week, Day 1626, Fire Season, Stasis Week, Windsday Run by Rajar as GM and co-GMed by Berra Dramatis Personae PCs BerraDormalIrilloMelliaRajarSeralaVaranisXenofos NPC D’Val the SwordNala of the UnicornsZinat the WolfTiwr the MagnificentFinarvi Greyrock ...
          • Goodbye, Golden Hawk
            1627, Sea Season, Disorder Week, Freezeday. Varanis and Serala discuss the Vingan’s new mission.