Fragment 2.54 – The Duel with Gallem

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 54


Then in the press Berra saw from a distance
Gallem the Sword who was Priest in the city
Called to her allies to come stand against him
Stood in his path and called he should surrender

Battle was met as brave Gallem pressed forward
Halting advance to give battle to Berra
There on the wall they clashed broadsword and greatsword
High Sword of Humakt and Dagger of Eril

Great was the blow that smote Wind Tooth in pieces
Iron was his greatsword and swift was his break-blow
Berra stayed forward and changed out her weapon
Empty of left hand she stood with one broadsword

Given by Eril the sword he called Luckpath
Berra drew on him and called for his favour
Marked with his weapon a wound on the Sword-Lord
Drawing out blood from the High Sword of Humakt

Gallem struck next and his blow was a good one
Passing her parry and rending her armour
Berra fell down and he gave her his mercy
Walking away without calling for ransom

A huge explosion took down much of the North wall, knocking Gallem off his feet. While waiting for him to get up again, Berra called on him again to surrender. He told her, ‘you surrender, and tell Eril how brave I am’. Shortly afterwards, she managed to cut him on the leg, and then he put his sword into her abdomen and twisted. Rather than taking her prisoner, he walked away having proved that he would fight. Berra caught her breath, and as neither an axe maiden nor Maalira could manage to heal her, she was healed a moment later by Nala. She got up to go take command, found out that the Praxian army was already in the city, and sat down by Varanis, who was unconcious nearby.

When she finally got moving again, Berra went to stop egregious murder during the looting in the city, having previously extended her Shield spell for the entire day. She did manage to pick up some healing potions, which Gallem later identified for her, after Varanis announced they were blade poison and she took them to be destroyed. She offered one to him personally, after having wounded him – he put it on the altar. The others, she gave to Maalira.

The Dwarf moved his cannon up into position to take the Prince’s Fort, and Berra was very excited to watch it fire. After that, she went to ask Eril, aspect of Humakt, for what he wished now that Alda Chur had fallen. She determined that he wanted a secure border for Sartar there, and told Varanis. The next few days saw Varanis being much better at intrigue than Berra was, and then Venna invited them to a meeting, calling on Koraki to deliver the pair to her. She suggested that the city be a wedding present from the King of Sartar to the Feathered Horse Queen, and managed to get Varanis’ agreement despite Berra trying to find out which King that was, to the perplexity of everyone with a shred of understanding. Venna then said the King of Alone suggested Koraki should be King here, surprising the Wind Lord. Berra did not notice the surprise.

They held a few funerals. They went home.

“I’m going to offer Gallem the chance to surrender. While he’s getting up. Then I’m going to attack him, because he’s not going to surrender.” – Berra

“Do you wish to yield my lord?” – Berra
“You yield, and tell Eril how brave I am.” – Gallem
“I do believe he respects you, my lord.” – Berra

“Any of you bastards able to heal? Bitches, sorry…” – Berra



*toddles* – “Xenofos, what are these?” – Berra
“I am just washing my hands and sword.” – Xenofos fails Read Theyalan

“Berra’s going to have to talk to Varanis about the ‘stable border for Sartar’ thing.” – Berra