Fragment 2.54 – The Duel with Gallem

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 54


Then in the press Berra saw from a distance
Gallem the Sword who was Priest in the city
Called to her allies to come stand against him
Stood in his path and called he should surrender

Battle was met as brave Gallem pressed forward
Halting advance to give battle to Berra
There on the wall they clashed broadsword and greatsword
High Sword of Humakt and Dagger of Eril

Great was the blow that smote Wind Tooth in pieces
Iron was his greatsword and swift was his break-blow
Berra stayed forward and changed out her weapon
Empty of left hand she stood with one broadsword

Given by Eril the sword he called Luckpath
Berra drew on him and called for his favour
Marked with his weapon a wound on the Sword-Lord
Drawing out blood from the High Sword of Humakt

Gallem struck next and his blow was a good one
Passing her parry and rending her armour
Berra fell down and he gave her his mercy
Walking away without calling for ransom

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