Fragment 32 – The Underground Temple

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 32


1This fragment is generally presented after the Appeal of the Green Fish Clan, but arguments exist for its connection to the cleansing of the Blue Tree Tula and the disease-bringers there.Into the tunnels of Chaos and Darkness
Berra commanded her clansfolk go with her
Joined too by Farist and Farsor2Notables of the Green Fish Clan, possibly visiting and possibly on their own Tula. of far-fame
Into the earth they went ringing with war-cries3Presumably, Rajar.

Berra in centre4A command, and not a fighting, position. had magic upon her
Torch of the Sage-god to seek hidden foes out
Sending the Bull of the Storm in before her
Using the eyes5Obviously, the author of this section was not aware of the method trolls use to ‘see’ in the Darkness. of the broken-chained troll-kin

Tunnels were cleared with the care due to battle
Cunning she used as they fought with the Krashtids6Also known as ‘Krarsht’.
Leaving the safety of numbers to meet them
Berra struck out with her spear at the horrors7Presumably to spare her sword from the acid tongues of the krarsht.

Finding a temple set deep in the tunnels
Berra commanded that Rajar should shield her
Stepped through the mouth of the Hungry Devourer
Leaving the Storm Bull to guard on the outside8While this seems on the surface another casual boast of Berra’s charismatic leadership, it is highly likely that the small entrance to a temple to Karsht simply would not allow Rajar within.

Slaughter within came to krarsht-things before her
Target of bolts from a Priest of the Hunger
Berra ignored all the danger from distance
Setting her sword to the problem before her

Then came pursuit of the wounded assassin
Arrow of Grazelands left blood-trails behind him
Dodging his net Berra climbed up the net-rope
Bright in the light that Serala had cast there

Striking his vessel of foul manufacture
Berra disrupted the spell he was casting
Down fell the Priest as Varanis recovered
Xenofos rushed to support his red mistress

After several attempts to find someone else to do the safe work in the middle, Berra volunteered for command, and they explored the tunnels under Rabbit Hat Farm, under the effects of a Morale ritual. Xenofos put a Find Enemies extended Rune Spell onto Berra. Nala, who had arrived with the fyrd, discorporated, and fought exclusively in the Spirit World. The rest went into the narrow tunnels and found (with a brief break to burn some sticky white stuff) that they were chewed by Krarsht. Xenofos recognised a severed head of Thanatar, and even knew the words to destroy it, while Nala attacked it in the spirit world.

They avoided some milky-looking water that might have hidden anything, and pushed deeper into the complex, eventually finding a wall that had a huge statue of the beasts they had been fighting. Rajar could not fit through the small mouth that was its entrance, but Berra asked him for a protection spell. Unexpectedly he put a heavy duty shield spell onto her. There was at least one krarsht inside, and possibly another that scuttled away from an outer entrance to try to find Rajar. There was also a Priest of the Waiting Mouth, who had a crossbow with some kind of foul poison on it.

As soon as they came under attack, Serala lit up the room with a Sunlight spell, and started sniping at the Priest. Berra went for the krarsht that was attacking Varanis, putting in a killing blow. They then advanced on the balcony where the Priest was. He threw a net at Berra, which missed her, but gave her a rope she could climb up, which she did, followed by Xenofos. She slipped a little, allowing Varanis to take a Leap and get ahead. Varanis got up first, and did not advance alone – Berra clambered up, spotted the blood trail, and ran to follow. Varanis followed her and they arrived in an inner room in time to see the Priest killing himself over a porcelain model of a krarsht, so that his blood ran into its moulded mouth. Berra smashed the model with her sword.

After that, they ran out of enemies. Later they found that Rajar had, with Nala’s help, killed a dragonsnail and then run off to find other things, and was asleep badly wounded and cuddling his axe.

“Casting shield on myself. Sorry Berra.” – Varanis

“Berra will volunteer for command.” – Berra

“Berra has her bow in her hand, and a spear on her back, and her sword sheathed.” – Berra, looking up the ENC table

“Rajar, big dragging things?” – Berra
“Oooooh!” – Rajar

“Off we go that way, in marching order, as we might as well.” – Berra

“As always, Berra’s listening and feeling for EVIL INCOMING THINGS.” – Berra

“Upstream first so we can make sure we’re not being flooded out, and then downstream, and then see if the air is clean in that passage.” – Berra

“Berra looks to Serala, and the bow. “We could try to disturb it.”” – Berra

“PERFECT SHOT! But there’s a rock in the way.” – Berra
“Sad Humakti.” – Berra

“Hoping the thing comes down behind us before we’re there…” – Berra

“Ooooh. I think that Movement is what I need now.” – Berra
“But after the Scan roll.” – Berra

“Inspiration: yes. Onto my sword skill. Going for that.” – Berra

“Wind Tooth. I’m so sorry… I should have used my spear and I forgot and I’m so sorry!” – Berra

“10 points of damage to the 16” – Berra

“Lets not do that YET!” – Berra
*clicks fingers annoyedly* – Varanis

“I’m breaking into a run. Can’t help it.” – Berra

“So that makes my broadsword 168, if it ever gets to it.” – Berra

“Need a lift?” – Xenofos
“YES PLEASE.” – Berra

*shouts rules over GM* – Berra who REALLY wants Xenofos to catch up…

“It appeared and left – be ready!” – Berra

“I’m wondering if the porcelain thing was him getting away.” – Berra
“Possible..” – Serala