Fragment 2.15 – The Rescue of Lenta

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 15


Fresh from the battle of troll and Irillo
Casting her curses where arrows fell seaward
Berra commanded the Ducks of the Seashore
Asked them to bring her to shore in the enclave

Merchants had left who had marks on the barrels
Used by the men who had kidnapped the Hulta
Into the warehouse she said she would break then
Once stout Irillo explained they were gone now

Searching the warehouse that once was DeQuesnay
Berra recalled how she travelled to Pavis
Fought house to house in the fight for the city
Spilling the blood on the Lunars in glory

Rajar found foes who used weapons of malice
Knives and garottes of the god of assassins
Berra struck out at the man who had caught him
Mellia’s words sent his foe into sleeptide

Then to the top of the tower they travelled
Berra alone and then trailed by Varanis
Seeing a sack that had sobbing come from it
Wild was the Vingan and sprang out to save her

Berra was slower and cautious in coming
Saw there a trap but was slow to the warning
Down plunged the Vingan and Berra went upward
Seeking for Garin to give him her vengeance

Up at the top of the tower was Lenta
Pale in her fear as she waited in silence
Begged for the mercy of Berra Humakti
Berra was quick to call Mellia to her

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