Thanks for the Memory


After half of the group fought Draznk, and Berra didn’t, but nearly fought Nala.

Session 3.8.


It is typical Sartar weather of Sea season. A refreshing shower has fallen on the hillsides. Xenofos and Berra are keeping watch outside the Sacred cave.

Varanis is sulking in a tree.

Berra has managed to find a cloak to borrow, to go with her helmet and shoes. Fortunately for her, she had undressed only as far as needed for sleeping – she is in underwear, having left even her padding aside while under the safety of a roof. The cloak is a thick one, probably Rajar’s. She has cinched it closed with her sword-belt, and is standing watch happily, apparently not feeling the cold.

Xenofos gaze shifts from the cave entrance to Varanis to Berra. It does stay longer on Berra then Varanis, but he seems even more drawn to the cave.

“It’s a bloody great sharp lizard and I don’t know what people see in it,” Berra says after a while.

“Quite” Xenofos says with a small shudder. “I hope that works an they feed it enough but not too much.”

“I wanted to say thanks. For your example.” The little Humakti gives him one of her brilliant, brief smiles, that fades into an admiring look.

Xenofos blinks and gives her a small bow. “Thanks. Example in what, little cousin?”

“When you talked about what happened in Clearwine, you were really clear. It helped me stay calm with Nala here.” She explains it like that was obvious to her, but she knows others might not get it.

He nods. “It sounded like it could have ended badly. I am glad it did not.”

“I would’ve been most concerned about Tiwr, to be honest. Nala’s not hard if you’re close.” Berra considers. “It really all depends on who gets most warning.”

“Tiwr, Zinat…” Xenofos looks to place where the thunder lizard was trapped “and could you have stopped her without bloodshed… It could have gone bad.”

“No. I could have stopped her without killing her, but Tiwr would have charged me then. I’d probably have had to kill him, but I don’t know. Maybe cripple so he has to heal himself. It would have depended on whether he charged at me and if the earthshaker was behind me, and if I could have climbed it. Stuff like that. I’d have found out in action, although I think I know the ways.”

“It is good it did not come to that.” Xenofos says quietly scanning the environs.

“Yeah.” Berra catches up to something else. “Both times.”

“I did not see the troll.” Scribe looks to towards the tree Varanis is sitting in. “Just darkness that was impenetrable even by my magic.”

Berra nods. “I wasn’t thinking clearly to be honest. But I knew I had to stop his plans.” She swallows, pale.

“It could be someone else. One maul looks pretty much like another to me.” He looks at the little Humakti “But it could be him too. Are you all right?”

“It’s got the same marks on. Disorder Runes on the head.” Berra looks down, then up at Xenofos. “I’ll get over it. I was riding being angry, and I didn’t care. And anyhow, I got out.”

Xenofos’ pose opens a bit but he does not step closer. He blinks a few times. Looks like he has trouble starting to talk but he does finally answer “Yes. You did get out, little cousin.”

Berra shrugs. “Well, if he’s still alive, maybe next time we can do something about that.” It is not the light making her look pale. She’s pale under her light tan.

“I think Salid did. Again.” His hands start to rise but he lets them fall to his sides.

“No, I mean, we’re probably going to meet him again, and we’re going to have to overcome him some time. Perhaps it will be Salid.” Berra pulls herself together, shoulders back, forcing relaxation on herself with slow breathing.

“His god may get weary of saving him from spear of Argan Argar eventually.” Scholar notes.

“He’s a Rune Lord, I guess? A Death Lord. So if he lives, he’ll be … well, I dunno. Does that god punish weakness like that?” She avoids saying names, leaving ‘Zorak Zoran’ as silent syllables.

“I have not really studied Troll mysteries, Berra.” Xenofos strokes his beard. “He might want that maul back I guess.”

“Salid would … well, I was going to talk to him about hanging it up to a god, if nobody else had. I’m not sure he’s ever had that chance before.” She is still keeping calm by concentrating, but it seems to be getting easier.

“If Windtooth was hung somewhere as a trophy you might go after it? If you would find out where it is.” Scribe looks thoughtful.

“I’d have trouble breaking open a temple, though.” Berra shrugs. “If he wants to try, let him. The Temple doesn’t have to agree to have it.”

“I guess that depends on the temple.” He looks at Berra “Both if they accept and how hard it would be to retrieve.”

“Argan Argar Temple? Assuming he goes to the one in Boldhome, Draznk’d have to get there first.” She rolls out her shoulders like she’s hoping she spots him in the city.

“That would probably be quite a challenge.” He twirls his moustache “Yes, even if word might reach him of it’s whereabouts.”

Berra shrugs it off, stands up taller – or at least, broader-shouldered – and falls silent to be on watch once more.