Fragment 3.15 – The Capture of Varanis

So out of Tarsh they rode but in two parties
Splitting to keep Onjur far from Varanis
Woe was to Berra as her friend was taken
Brought to the Temple where Onjur was waiting

The group went back to Duelfield, but decided not to go further as one, because Varanis was anxious to avoid Dunstop. Xenofos went instead, leaving the other two to look around and have a quiet drink. Berra was shown the sacred duelling ground of Duelfield, which she was told was where Yanafil Tarnils had defeated Humakt. She got the local representative of the Lunar war god drunk and got him walking about army number, while looking impressed, and entirely not bothering to fight him.

They met up with the rest of the caravan again. Xenofos admitted he had talked to Mirava about the current situation. Varanis was very angry, but Berra unhorsed her anger by being very very peasantish about Fazzur. They decided after discussion not to do the Heroquest, and worked out how to leave. Berra pointed out they had now done everything they had come for, and could just depart, but she worried about being captured and being forced to do it.

Berra suggested that they split up, so that Varanis could travel cross-country and the caravan could act as bait; if they were lucky, it would seem like the whole caravan was moving. Varanis was given a mule, and then Xenofos another, as he refused to leave her. They parted ways, and after a while the caravan split with Irillo’s people leaving.

They cut out of the Lunar Empire, meeting Endars with a thousand horsemen on the way, and explaining to him some of what was going on.

“Pink-cheeked Berra.” – Berra
“So possibly her most dangerous.” – Berra

“So, up ahead is some two-clack place which isn’t where Castle Blue is, but is also the place where I was… where Humakt… well, anyhow. Yanafil Tarnsil… Tarnils shrine there.” – Berra

“That Fazzur’s an oooold man. If he got a baby started early last year someone should go warn him, because he’s about to finish!” – Berra
“… OK, I need to roll now, yes, Varanis is surprised enough to stop being angry.” – Varanis
Berra mutters to Maalira, “Now I need to find a new way of making her not get angry.”

“Once Varanis and Xenofos have left, Berra sags a bit, and then forces herself back on guard.” – Berra