Fragment 44 – The Persuasion of Humakt

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 44


Then came the news of the body of Kallyr
Missing since battle disguised by illusion
Berra ran up to the Temple of Humakt
Telling her master and telling her teacher1Potentially, any two of Sword Eril, the Blacksmith, or Acting High Sword D’Val, although any of these people could have been both master and teacher. It is unlikely but possible that in his convalescence from the injuries inflicted during the so-called Irillo Quest, Lord Eril gave personal spiritual instruction to the Initiate.

Bending her way to the host-house of Rondrik
Berra gave tongue to her thinking in error
Telling Orlanth2Obviously, Varanis. that the path to be followed
Lay in the Middle-world not in the god-time

All the Lightbringers were gathered around her
Each said their part and they Berra persuaded
Yelm was the Sun and the Spark that they sought for
Kallyr was Yelm in the path that they hunted

Berra and Varanis came back to the White Grape from talking to Eril, with Varanis determined to die at his hand as Orlanth. They were greeted by the neews that the body of Kallyr had been an illusion. Berra guessed that the Lunars had taken her for some ritual and they had, at best, until the next Seasonal Holy Day of Orlanth. Dormal pointed out that the Lunar Empire also had their own holy days. While Berra went to tell Eril and D’val the news, Varanis performed a divination, and was given a vision that said that Kallyr was on the hero path. Berra thought they should search in the Middle World, but the Lightbringers present all agreed that the Lightbringer Quest would be best to bring back a leader. They agreed to do it.

“My lord, Kallyr’s body has turned out to be nothing but an illusion.”
Much swearing in Duck Point Slang, none of which you understand, but you get the idea.
“Yes. A lot like that.”
“Thith could make things complecth.” – D’Val
“They already are complex, my Lord.” – Berra

“My lord, the body of Kallyr was an illusion only.” – Berra
“That is… suggestive.” – Eril

“I felt I should not only let the temple know, but also let people who know more than I do… do the speculation.” – Berra

“I see. Had you considered how Queen Leika is going to react?” – Eril
“Uuhhh.. I hadn’t? I don’t know about Colymar-Kheldon relations to comment. But she is the most powerful queen in the area and she does not know that yet. Um…” – Berra
“I suspect she already knows she is the most powerful queen in the area.” – Eril
“It’s good to see your sarcasm is working again, my Lord.” – Berra

“And she understands the Prince to be dead…” – Eril
“Yes.” – Berra
“I am… informed… that she is already holding joint court with the Feathered Horse Queen.” – Eril

“Do you wish me to take your respects to the Chief Priest, uh, and try to make sure he gets it right…?” – Berra
“Perhaps … I would suggest … if I might write, I think that might be… more useful.” – Eril
“Certainly more easily understood, my Lord.” – Berra

“My advice to you all is to pray to your gods, regain your strength, and follow the lead.” – Eril

“I was remiss, my Lord. Mellia sends her abject apologies. She is exhausted and cannot be here.” – Berra
“Please reassure her from me. High Priestess Beneva has been most diligent.” – Eril