Fragment 3.13 – The Journey into Lunar Tarsh

So the miles passed and the leagues passed behind her
Traveling onward she passed by the bear-peak
Furthest of all of her family she travelled
Deep into Tarsh that the Lunars had taken

Hope in her heart that she one day would see it
Free as the Tarsh that was held by the mountains
Down by the Temple of Shaker Priestesses
Place of the blood-spill that led to all slayings

After accepting rewards from T’Dwarf, which in Berra’s case was merely asking for Koraki to be allowed to hide his people in Dwarf Mine if necessary, the group went onward into Lunar Tarsh.

They met with Fazzur briefly, and Mirava for rather longer. Berra was rude to Mirava, explaining to Maalira that Mirava needed someone to feel superior. After the meeting, some of the group went off to get Irillo a passport, and the others – those who might cause trouble – were sent back to the inn. Berra played knucklebones and drank wine with Koraki, and checked on how the others were.

Irillo did some trading, and some reporting to the group – Berra took note of what he said about grain futures.

“Bollocks…. sorry, bad language.” – Berra
“Is it?” – T’Dwarf
“Yeah, it’s not the sort of thing you say to a lord or a mine manager.” – Berra
“Ay, that’s useful to know.” – T’Dwarf
“So, saying ‘double bollocks’ is also bad, but I’m being inappropriate today. Double bollocks.” –
“Doesn’t that have some redundancy?” – T’Dwarf
“Yeah, most guys have two, I think.” – Berra
“That sounds like it could’ve been useful in previous eras.” – T’Dwarf

Berra’s organising the caravan and telling Koraki, “Do your own thing and tell me what I should have ordered later.”

Once they have left the Dwarf’s place, Berra asks Maalira, “Did you mean to elbow me? Because he wanted to know that.”
Maalira laughs. “I was elbowing you to stop you swearing, not to stop you explaining.”
“Yeah, but he likes to know what’s appropriate.” – Berra
“That doesn’t mean you need to be inappropriate as a demonstration…” Maalira rolls her eyes, affectionately.
“Well, how else would I demonstrate? Actions?” – Berra
“I mean, I don’t have what he was interested in.” – Berra

“I’m going to intersect Rajar, just in case.” – Berra
“No no no, I’m not charging them.” – Rajar
“No, I’m there in case you talk to them.” – Berra

Maalira shoots Berra a VERY exasperated look.

“Are you looking for trouble, because I’m up for it.” – Berra
baby-kitten sneezing fit – Berra
“Berra, that’s not helping.” – Irillo

“Fazzur says they’re putting supply dumps in place.” – Mirava
Berra cannot help nodding.

“S’fine. It’s because otherwise we’ll get angry.” – Berra
“GET angry?” – Maalira

“It’s best not to tell these things…” – Mirava
“In case-” – Berra cuts herself off
*nods* – Mirava

“But she’s happy to think she’s the one helping us, and if she thinks she’s smartest then she says most. And she has to feel she’s ‘helping’ Varanis to do her best work.” – Berra

Koraki has a bottle of wine and some knucklebones. Berra insists he shares, and also makes sure he gets a Lunar to buy more wine.

“Oh god, I just realised, Varanis talks Heortling like Berra!” – Varanis