Fragment 2.52 – The Command at Alda Chur

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 52


Honour was given to Berra Humakti
She and the army of Var[eena]
First in the breach wou[ld…]1The sage Llewun gives ‘be first to the slaughter’
Taking the gate and the wall of the Far-Place

She in command knew her sword would be needed
Sought out Sorala2An almost entirely different set of glyphs from The ‘Serala’ of legend. to lead in the battle
Riding behind Rajar Storm-bull was Berra
Pride set aside in her duty to comrades

Leaping with ease from the back of the bison
Berra rushed forward to find foes and death bring3Alleyn gives ‘meat-make’ in the sense of butchery
Seeing the fall of the Scribe who had loved her4Most translations call the death of Xenofos here an error. The Sage Llewun calls it a sexual pun, in that Xenofos is no longer upright and therefore no longer capable of love. Recumbency is is the correct position, he opines, for one enamoured of a Humakti.
Berra in vengeance won cripples for ransom5An unusual cruelty for a Humakti famed for taking prisoners.

Via a high-level briefing the Esrolians were informed they would be the spearhead of an attack on the North gate of the city, which would be damaged so that they could go through it. They would creep up, attack at dawn, and hold the gate until the Praxians appeared. After some consideration and discussion, Varanis and Berra asked that the time be moved an hour forwards, so that Berra’s Morale spell could work until sunset. They then set off into the field, as if they were once more marching down towards Glasswall, but this time detoured once out of sight. Berra performed the Morale ritual, tying people into a community aligned by hope and headed by Varanis. She then added a shield for herself, extended for the whole day.

They headed for Alda Chur in the darkness, going carefully. Berra was in command, with Sorala ready to take over from her. As a poor rider, Berra was going to ask Rajar to lead her bison in, but when she approached the subject he said she could be up behind him. The cavalry went in first, as soon as the gate shattered, with one of the troops, a Yelmalian, casting Sunbright so that they could all gallop.

Berra cast Protection, on the bison Vengeance, and then on herself, and threw herself off as they got close to the gate, landing easily and running in. She arrived in time to find that most of the enemies were dead or dying, but Xenofos was down on the ground, with two people by him; she happened to both of them, and took their ransoms.6Either Berra or Berra’s player made an assumption that both had been asked for; in fact the second ransom demand might well have been less than legally required.

Around that point the infantry began to arrive, and Berra prepared to go up the stairs to the wall.

“Nala…. can I ask you to do a different thing with the Fissure? I want it inside. I want a moat.” – Berra
“You want me to let the river in?” – Nala
“No, dry moat. Ditch.” – Berra

“Time for a Berra Dismount. Rajar, there isn’t a Berra behind you any more.” – Berra

“I’m going to protect Xenofos. Probably by killing everyone near to him.” – Berra