1629, Fire Season, Disorder Week, Godsday


Berra has been trying to get a reply about her watchtower from Eril for some seasons now, but something has always come up, or meetings have had more important matters. Just before Session S5-O-1.


Berra presents at Lord Eril’s door, a little before the given time, and waits, reaching out to Lord Raven to check if the Hero is free yet.

Her only outward sign of impatience is a little bouncing on her toes.

The door vibrates slightly with the shout of “Enter.”

Berra blinks, and then does that, suddenly very serious. She bows her head on coming in, and advances to be close enough to see details of the great man.

He looks tired. As if he’s been doing a lot of reading. A pile of scrolls and several gasp codices are on his desk. “Ah, Priestess.”

“Lord. I heard a rumour I’m not coming to Tarsh. Wanna check that first.” She eyeballs the codices, and asks Lord Raven what they are, but her body language says she’s trying to get these things done quickly, to get out of the High Sword’s hair. Or, just possibly, his lair.

“With the Regiment? True.”

Berra seems to take in the whole of that statement, and not just the last part, but asks no questions on it1Special on Insight. Berra figures he would give her more details if he wanted her to know them at this point.. “Is the Temple going to be supporting a watch-tower by Salt and Teeth?”

“A… watch-tower? You mean, pay to make sure your… discovery does not eat the wrong people?”

“More that if it starts eating anyone, we find out about it. I mean, yours might be accurate too.” So much for efficiency. She found a way to argue.

Um, Lord Raven. He’s in a REALLY bad mood.

Not really. He’s distracted.

“Then yes. Yes, we are. My task is the defence of the kingdom. I would suggest a major death… eminence…. in the Kingdom is a potential threat, don’t you?”


“I’m gonna take your word for it, Y’excellency.” Not your eminence. Just close.

“Quite so. In any matter, did you merely wish to ask about your disposition in the forthcoming battle?”

“No, the watch-tower was the big bit, Lord, an’ a few other bits like to ask if the two initiates I’ve been keeping with me can be assigned there this season, to find the right place and start planning it. The boy’ll be really useful and right now I think they should stick together.”

I was gonna remind him to send jewellery to Kulharl at Beasts Gather. You get to write him a note for him to decide on.

“Very well. I shall make a note.” He picks up a quill, and one of the sheets of papyrus

Berra bows her head. “An’ then I need to know what’s an appopriate focus for your worship. Lord Kesten’s going to need one. And lay members.” She probably knows she got a word wrong there, but does not go back to try to work out which one.

He simply looks at her, dumbfounded, and then says, “A sword, naturally.”

Berra blinks, and then nods. “And you ain’t said any in particular, so…” That seems to be a full sentence, and she switches to, “Permission to take one from the armoury for him.”

Whatever Berra was expecting, that was not it.

“That would be appropriate. Esrolia tends to put their swords on ascetic rations.”

“Stretched though. Then thass’all, Lord. Thank you for your time.” She does not offer any politenesses like ‘if you need anything from me just ask’. She already knows he will.2Or, at least, issue orders.

He nods, and says softly, “Will Lord Kesten be proselytising in Sartar?”

Berra knows that word. “For you? Ain’t asked yet. I think this time around he’s got to head home, and come back. I’m gonna work out how to get your Runestone organised up at the Battleground – that might be one of the things I use initiate Nayale for.”

“Yes. a helpful matter. The worship of Humakt through me will be a matter of importance in the time ahead.” He sounds distracted.

Just for a moment, Berra looks at him as if to say she believes in him, and then she manages to wipe her features clean and asks, “Anything el… I’ll mention it to Lord Kesten. Anything … and to the rest of the lay membership. Anything else?”

“No, no I think not, at this present. You will bear your limitations with fortitude.”

That puzzles her faintly, but she does not voice it. There’s a bow, and she’s off.

Right. Going to have to make sure the Lay Members know their duty.

Naturally, she goes to find Kesten first.

  • 1
    Special on Insight. Berra figures he would give her more details if he wanted her to know them at this point.
  • 2
    Or, at least, issue orders.