Fragment 15 – Storm Season

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 15

1625, Storm Season

1Often associated with 14b, this fragment has appeared unbacked by 14aTaking refreshment and Breath2Again, dating by emphasis. Garin (Altn 19.7) opines that these fragments are not from the original Berra, but, given their emphasis, are a separate poem, cyclical to the year and demonstrating appropriate seasonal occupations. from the mountains
Berra descended and climbed lofty Boldhome3Apposite given her recent return from Kero Fin, and Humakt’s previous relationship to the Storm Tribe
Praying to Humakt each hour as she rested
Testing herself against winds set against her4Archaeological evidence, on which this author does not rely, has a curious engraved stone in the spoil pile of the North Fort. It bears no writing, but a crudely drawn picture of a Duck carrying a heavy sack full of round objects up the stairs is clearly visible. This might have been a votive offering left to the sky, but is generally considered a curse tablet. The Student Union is always pleased to accept donations to have the history of this item narrowed down by magical means, as the duck has been adopted, under the name of Mr Quacky, as their unofficial mascot for their Melon Rites.

The return from Alda Chur to Boldhome was enlivened only by a scribe chasing down Vestra to show her a parchment that had been played with, probably by wind spirits, and that bore no relationship save in the number of letters on it, to anything she had written.

In Boldhome, Berra reported success, and once the priesthood had been called for, reported more detail about it, but could not speak for Vestra, who was checking over what she had written. Then the group were released, and Berra went to the temple of Humakt, where after a bit of conversation with various members, including D’Val, she applied to join the Regiment there. Over Dark and Storm season she trained with them, improving her constitution.

“Testing?” – GM
( Must say nothing ) O o . – Berra

*death-rune waving about scones* – GM and West Country Players

“Eat it with spoons, and ignore the scone.” – Berra
“Which is frankly a cobblestone made out of pastry anyhow.” – Berra

“The High Sages’ complements, mistress… but… nobody can make out your handwriting.” – Scribe
“Yes. Yes, it is definitely your handwriting. The letters do not seem to be in the order you left them.” – GM
“While this is going on, Berra’s going to be staring outwards, keeping watch.” – Berra, who in no way reminded the GM of this or gave him any ideas. Nope.

“<sniffs paper>” – Rajar
“ROLL IT” – Berra

*does polishing actions* – Berra
*buffs Rajar*” – Berra

“You’re still muted, Berra.” – GM
“Is that because you have me muted?” – Berra
“Ah, that’s because I had Berra muted.” – GM

“Maybe that is how words work?” – Berra
“Got me.” – Rajar
*<shrug>* – Rajar
*shrug* – Berra
*Cult secrets* – Rajar
*<sharpens axes>* – Rajar
*Drinks beer* – Rajar
*stares out into wilderness in hope of Scorpion-folk attack* – Berra
*Jiggles lance a bit to make the heads dance. giggles a bit* – Rajar
*also giggles* – Berra

“Koraki? Is…. well, is it a cult secret what air feels like? Is that airy?” – Berra
“But not very loudly, because I am concentrating on being on guard.” – Berra
“And loudly would be more helpful.” – Berra

“Sorry, it does horrid things when I mute/unmute.” – Berra

“Does the papyrus feel damp to anyone touching it?” – Rajar
“What are you using the papyrus for first?” – Berra

“BAD Berra. Naughty Berra!” – GM
“Wicked Berra?” – Berra

“‘It’s that damned wind.’- Vestra, requiring medication.” – GM
“Bad GM. Charcoal Biscuit.” – Berra

“Or Truth…” – Vestra
“Buff by rubbing Berra against it.” – Berra

“Nobody attacks.” – GM
*pouts* – Berra
“That wobbling lip is joy.” – GM

“We should go to see KALLYR.” – Berra
“We should go see her shinyness.” – Rajar
“His/her shinyness” – Rajar
“Its Shininess.” – Berra

“Berra, sorry – as soon as Nala starts talking they ignore you.” – GM
“Hi I also have Cha 18 no never mind.” – Berra

“Feeel the width.” – Rajar
“No thanks.” – Berra
“Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.” – Rajar
“But the fur, sure.” – Berra


“Small drink.” – Berra
“Small??????” – Rajar
“What is this?” – Rajar

“Your companion animals may, of course, remain with you.”- Kallyr
“And not have sex with any more horses”- Berra (sotto voce)

“A bit more drunk this time.” – Berra
“Not drinking heavily, but still drinking.” – Berra

“But that’s a beautiful point, and I love it. And screw you.” – Berra to GM

“I’ll rise carefully. Bow politely.” – Berra
“Front and centre, Salute harmast and wave to the other folks” – Rajar

“Bring beer!!!!!” – Rajar

*wince* – Berra trying to squat like an infanteer after months in the saddle
“You need more beer, it relaxes the muscles.” – Rajar

“That wasn’t me.” – GM
“It was now. It’s in the log.” – Berra

“Even the Wind Gods show omens!”- Kallyr

“I believe it strengthened my understanding of Truth and Separation.” – Berra

“QUAFF” – Rajar
*careful straight face* – Berra

“I think that might be a longterm project.” – Kallyr
“Oh, certainly. Not this season. Maybe next season!” – Rajar
“I think we can find some vocations that lead you in that direction. Strengthen you…” – Eril
*perks up* – Berra

“I saw things too horrible to speak of, Highness. But I reached an understanding of Harmony.” – Irillo

“Our companion Salid.” – Berra
“Free trollkin. Representing a husband of Ernalda.” – Irillo
Another swivelling of heads, this time towards Kalis.
“Ah yes. Ernalda. Warm-hearted and accomodating.” – Nala

( I should go to the temple… ) O o . – Berra
*subtly stretch out legs a bit* – Berra
“Ow.” – Berra

“I got that slightly wrong. But I’m drunk, so hell, I’ll go with it.” — Berra

“Now to join my PC, by drinking.” – Berra Player

“I’m not sure your understanding is correct. Would you like to come along and discuss this in more detail?” – Kalis
“Sure!” – Rajar
“Get your cloak. You’ve pulled.” – Berra

“I’m obviously angling to work out whether a young initiate can do better for Humakt at Whitewall or Boldhome.” – Berra
“Not yet asking directly, but taking in the context I’ll need to decide.” – Berra
“Whitewall has an elderly High Priest… It seems that there is going to be a carefully managed rebuilding.” – GM

“VIOLENCE…. Ahem.” – Berra

“Naril is leaning against the edge of the paddock that Cavalleria is prancing in. “It has nice gait.” – GM
“Not as good a chat-up line as Kalis’.” – Berra
“(Except if you are Tiwr.)” – Berra

“Sword!” – Berra
“Dagger!” – D’Val
“You know sword and dagger isn’t viable.” – Nala
“Oh, we just can’t have viable offspring.” – Berra

“Shake hands in time-honoured unhygenic fashion.” – Serala
“Oaths chase away disease spirits anyhow.” – Berra

“Let’s have the complete list of bodily fluids…” – Nala
“No, I don’t think I’m in the right humour for that.” – GM
“So, if we all mute him, we can play without him.” – Berra
“But because he never listens to us, it would take him ages to find out.” – Serala

*drinks* – Berra
*facepalms* – GM
*temporal confusion* – Berra

“We missed fireday…” – Serala
“We were travelling. In a bit of a hurry. There had been a fire!” – Berra

“We need a list of euphemisms for Ernalda giving out her bounty.” – Berra
“…..” – Rajar
“Warm-hearted and accommodating” – Nala
“Attending to sacred duties” – Nala
“Communing with the Goddess” – GM

“Yes, I would hugely appreciate euphemisms for Ernalda giving out her bounty.” – GM
“But none for Rajar doing so.” – Berra
“Oh god no.” – GM
“…………………..” – Rajar

“Extending the hospitality of the earth.” – Nala
“Pounding the………….. no not going there.” – Rajar
“Cultivating the harvest of…” – Nala

“I want to train at the Temple of Humakt.” – Berra

“The other thing is self-instruction…” – GM
“That is not a euphemism.” – Berra

“I’m back. I think we were successful. I think I’m going to petition to join the temple here.” – Berra
“Itd’s… not a bad choice.” – D’Val
“I think it’ll stretch me.” – Berra
“He will. We will. I will.” – D’Val

“I would hesitate to say that that fills me with delight. My truth rune might shatter. But it fills me with anticipation.” – Berra
“He reaches up to pat you on the shoulder.” – GM
“I kneel, because otherwise it’s just undignified.” – Berra
“No, he’s rather good at reaching up to human neck height.” – GM

“Do I get Loyalty (Temple)?” – Berra
“Only if you want it.” – GM
“Hmmm. Well, I want to have loyalty to D’Val compete with the other things – or maybe have Humakt vs Temple be a thing.” – Berra
“Competing loyalties are fun.” – Berra

“That’s a d3 or a 1?” – Berra
“So, 0 then.” – Berra

“I depend and rely on disappointing the GM at every turn.” – Nala
“I respect that.” – Berra

“How do you feel about a Duck and a High Priest making you stand in your loincloth and chest wrap, in the temple, in the death rune position?” – GM
“Honoured, my lords!” – Berra

“You see that fort?” – GM
“Run up that ramp? Will I be carrying a duck?” – Berra

“No… Up from the Low Town to North Fort. And don’t be ridiculous. You won’t be carrying a duck.” – GM “That would be undignified. You’ll be carrying a sack of rocks.” – GM

“Camp out on the stairs and drink beer and eat and watch now and then” – Rajar
“Occasionally Berra gives a mad grin as she goes past. Most often, she just wheezes.” – Berra

“Rajar, check messages?” – Berra

“Do you ever not kill anyone you face?” – Berra
“Lotds of people ssurvive facing me.” – D’Val

“3-1! 2 CON. THANK FUCK FOR THAT.” – Berra
“No, wait. Thank Duck.” – Berra

“…the RNG wants vengeance for that one time I beat Nethack.” – Berra

“Mind you, D’Val is going to get happy, admiring looks from Berra. I can’t think of a thing that he’d hate more.” – Berra
snerk – GM

“The Duck does what is necessary.” – GM
“Which is a word I’m glad it’s not Devolin pronouncing.” – Berra

“Bear in mind Eril proposed the same basic training regime.” – GM
“But I’m not … OK, I /am/ looking happy at him too. I’m happy.” – Berra

Questions to Duck
In Dark Season:
I bought my horse. Vestra should take hers back soon. Do you remember how much money you gave as ransom? Who would have a Moon as well as Truth and Death Runes? How should I behave to someone with no honour? Should that muscle be quivering like that? It’s been doing it for a while now. How did you lose your… *bites lip on purpose mmmph*… OW! How old are you? Are Third Temple Rules of Duelling sufficient for duels if one participant is drunk, but insists? Why does Eril not like ducks? Should I stop asking you questions?

In Storm Season:
Are you going to eat all that? I’m starving.

1) Yes.
2) Someone who does not understand Truth or Death.
3) As someone with honour.
4) Yes.
5) Mmm?
6) Thirty.
7) Yes, but his friends should stop him.
8) I am not Eril. Ask him.
9) No.

1) No.

Further Questions to Duck
What do you do when you’re counting things and you get to a hundred but there are more than a hundred steps? I mean, things…?
Is a good death always a Separation? Is a Separation always a death?
If someone leaves behind valuable things because they don’t have time to collect them, who… that is… do we owe you anything for the Lunar Gear we picked up off the road?
Will we be required for the Sacred Time ritual or is it only associated worshippers?
How can I stop myself from defending others when they don’t want it?
Who should I speak to about re-learning Bladesharp?
Slightly less blurted, maybe even calmly: How did you lose your eye?

1) Keep going.
2) Yes, no.
3) No.
4) Yes.
5) Discipline.
6) Me
7) I chose to zig when zagging would have left them alive.

Questions to Duck (Illusion/Truth Episode)
llusion Week:
If the Rune of Death is a sword, why is the sword safe to hold? Why are all parts not deadly?
Divining Sticks in the shape of Truth are used to find many things. Could they find Illusions? Would Illusions flow around them?
If I were to ask you if I should learn Bladesharp or Vigour, would you answer in a way that made me make my own mind up?

Truth Week:
Can I stop now?

1) It is not. They are.
2) Yes. Maybe.
3) Yes.

1) No.

“Just waiting for a typed list of questions, like SOMEONE writes for the Duck.” – GM
“Heheh. Have you answered those LATELY?” – Berra
“Nope. Not the last batch. It’s on my to do.” – GM
“Thorry. It’th on my tdo do.” – GM