Fragment 2.53 – The Fight up the Stair

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 53


Praying to Humakt she made for the stairway
Waiting were soldiers of Alda Chur’s finest
Bright was their armour and fine were their spearheads
Into the fray went the chosen of Eril1Alleyn gives ‘of Humakt’ from the Berilian tablet find.

Calling [a demand for] surrender she asked for their ransoms
Then came the power of Humakt within her
Sent by her god represented as Eril2Goldman is of the opinion that this is clearly the point at which the instructional test morphs to become a dedication to Eril as well as Humakt, indicating his high position within the cult and the religion.
Berra cut limbs and was watered by life-blood

Now in the fullness of power of the Death God
Blood-soaked she stood at the top of the stairway
Leaving behind her the bodies of spearmen
Leaving behind her their weapons and armour

All around slaughter was given to bloodlust
Berra was cold with no hunger or cruelness
Solid as earth but with passion for action
Swift as the gale with the wisdom of elders

Into the fray she walked seeking for swordsmen
Quick to relieve the great Wind Lord who stood there
Smiting the foe of the mighty Koraki
Cutting in twain through his armour and body

Berra fought her way up the stairs, casting Sword Trance as she did, and duelling a moment with someone before her magic kicked in. She left herself 3 Magic Points, enough for a Heal 2.

At the top she saw the fight there, including three people ganging up on Koraki. She cut one of them in half, but she had spotted that Gallem was coming along the wall, and ran to intersect. She called on him to surrender in the name of the Household of Death, he called on her to surrender in the name of the God, and neither of them did. He was in a Sword Trance as well. His first blow destroyed Wind Tooth, but she switched Eril’s sword to her right hand and went on fighting.

“5SR to ready a new weapon if you can drop the old one.” – Berra
… This comes in handy later.

“He is going to try to stick a spear into you.” – GM
“Fantastic!” – Berra

“Surrender in the name of the Household of Death!” – Berra
“Surrender in the name of the God!” – Gallem