Before the Debrief

1628, Fire Season, Movement Week


In the Temple of Humakt. Session 3.21


“Hey, Lord… no, not yet. I’ll take it back when the … when this is over. I need to tell the High Sword more things than I could say earlier. I need you to be there. I can’t say this twice and it’s… um. It’s dangerous to know but I’m going to need your help. Not in there. Afterwards. Please?”

“Of courszthe.”

“Hey. Can you get me an amphora of wine? The marching stuff? That’s red, with the Movement Rune on?”

“A whole amphora? Party, is it?”

“No, just for me.”

“We don’t have much of that not spoken for right now…”

“Pull it out of marching stocks if you have to. I’ll account for it.”

“Yeah, but I have to do it, see?”

“I don’t want to have to remind you of my rank because that would give me bad flashbacks, but I promise this is good for the Regiment.”

“Alright, alright. Just doin’ me job. It’s your pyre…”

“Cheers. I appreciate it… alright, that is bigger than I thought. You got a smaller flask?”

“Yes, but we just issued you the amphora, see?”

“Yeah, I can find a use for it. I just need a smaller container. Gonna be a difficult night.”