Fragment 37 – The Cleansing of Failure

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 37


Into the halls of the silence of Humakt
Silent came Berra to bow to the Blacksmith
Seeking his words for the knowledge within him
Finding in silence the answer he gave her

Iron was folded in lesson to Berra
Bloom from the furnace1For the process of bloom-making, see [[[]]]. was heated to smooth it
Two rods were made on the morning of Godsday
Fire-sealed by season and Static in nature

Low bowed the daughter of Jarang to wisdom
Seeing the rods were the same from the anvil
Spoke she the lesson to ward off all error
Time and the work of the temple were hammers

Berra came back to Boldhome, to find that most of the army was away, including all of the ranking Humakti but the Iron Lord. Fortunately, he was able to demonstrate to her how to cleanse herself and her friends – temple attendance, combined with the passage of time in which no Hero Quest was attempted would bring them back into order in the world, as she understood him. She told her friends this. They went off and she stood guard at the Temple, as the only initiate there.

Later, Nala came by to see the Iron Lord, who advised her in his semi-translatable way on how to deal with having just started yet another Hero Quest (which had also gone badly). At this point, Berra found out that Eril was the star of it.

“Berra, who is not a wolf, holds her hand for Zinat…” – Berra

“With the Iron Lord’s permission…” – Berra

“Maybe the enemy doesn’t need… uh, sorry. Maybe the person with the face of the enemy doesn’t need… ” – Berra

After Nala has been and gone at the Temple of Humakt, Berra comes to ask D’Val, “Sword Lord, how permissible is it to get very drunk on hearing horrible news?”

He considers. “It is not aethcetetic. But it is undersstandable.”

That’s the first question that Berra has asked D’Val that hasn’t been part of a report, since the troll cave – which was Clayday. It’s now Freezeday.

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    For the process of bloom-making, see [[[]]].