Visions of Fire and Darkness

1626, Fire Season, Movement Week


Varanis is worried about the orders given by Kallyr and her advisors. She’s especially worried about making the wrong decision and leading people she cares about into danger. After a sleepless night, she decides to meditate on it. Her decision has consequences.

After Spark to a Flame (Session 1. 33).

This is Varanis’ version of the events leading up to and during One of our Vingans is Missing, including her vision. Spoilers, of course.


Varanis’ perspective

Berra and Xenofos notice her absence on the second day and grow concerned. Their search is documented in One of our Vingans is Missing.

What was lost has been found. Xenofos finds her first, at the site of the extinguished Flame of Sartar. Berra arrives sometime later. Neither is very happy, but Varanis fails to notice.

Xenofos and Berra hold vigil

The sun continues to climb until the fullness of Yelm’s light reaches the Vingan’s face. She makes some kind of sound, like she’s trying to call out, but the words are garbled. And then she crumples in place.

The Dreamer Awakes

Sometime later, Varanis wakes up in a room in the Palace. Xenofos has been sitting watch by her bedside.

Awake again

Varanis develops a fever and comes in and out of wakefulness. Her dreams are confusing.


The Vingan wakes again and this time appears more alert. There are too many people in her room.

Conscious this time?

  • 1
    Successful Detect Enemies.
  • 2
    ((Rolls on Dexterity for climbing the stairs – s, s, s, cr, f, sp – con is a pass))
  • 3
    Meditation roll: Fail
  • 4
    Meditate: critical success
  • 5
    Berra makes a successful listen roll.
  • 6
    Successful first aid roll
  • 7
    Xenofos rolls on insight human w/ crit success: Insight: Berra genuinely is calm. Any anger has been put away, like she simply changed her mind about being angry – and that was that. The calmness is her, now, with no hidden depths.
  • 8
    Varanis rolls on Air for pride – success.
  • 9
    Xenofos gains more insight: When Berra said ‘wanted or missed’ she realised something, and that is what changed her mind about what she was saying.