Bitter Goodbyes

1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Godday


The party must prepare before they go to take on what lurks amongst the Sisters. Berra has to go to Boldhome while the others will wait at the Nunnery, or so Varanis thought. Lenta has other plans. Takes place between Tempers Fugit (session 4.08) and (session 4.09). The details of the argument can be read in A Little Rebellion.


In the morning, Berra is ready before dawn, and waits only for Varanis to have finished in her ritual greetings to Yelm before she is in the saddle. Even then, though, she is acting as an escort to get people away from the area.

The rain is still raining at them.

Varanis is stepping her way through the ritual sword dance with competence. If there were any hint of Yelm’s light, her sword would glint, but this morning, the iron looks as dull as the sky. The Vingan as eschewed her helmet and so her plaits are already beginning to drip.

Berra is paying attention to the Vingan as well as the surrounds, as dull grey light suffuses the world.

Later that morning, as the party (minus Berra) ride toward the Nunnery, Lenta joins Varanis at the front of the group. The Vingan has been riding point, with the three Humakti taking rear and flanking positions.

The two women talk for a time and if Manasa’s posture and ears are anything to go by, trouble may be brewing. It explodes suddenly, with Varanis yelling at the smaller woman.

“You’re not going off into unfamiliar territory with a single Humakti who doesn’t know you well at all to protect you!” Whatever Lenta says in return is quieter, but is met with more yelling.

“You died, Lenta Hulta!” Varanis shouts. “You died and then you almost didn’t come back! And now you want to go wandering off into danger while I take a nap?!” Her face has flushed bright red and her plaits have become even more frizzy, crackling just a bit.

As Varanis has trouble with her mount Lenta takes the point.

The Ernaldan addresses the Healer with a clear audible voice, “Lady Mellia, I will take my leave now. I’ll visit Beast’s Gather, and maybe Aranwyth after that. I will worship at the shrine and discuss the situation at the Six Sisters with their Ernaldans. I will return to Nunnery to join you before Berra does.” She looks around and continues, “Lord Irillo, you are welcome to join me if you wish. Same goes for the Humakti guards if the Windlord does not disapprove and they do not have their own reasons to not enter either village.”

Up ahead, Varanis is seated on Manasa, stiff-backed and proud. “The Humakti can do as they please, so long as they return in five days.”

“Thank you, Varanis.” Lenta nods in the Vingan’s direction and addresses the guards. “Bleujen, Kofer, Gelvin? I would appreciate your company, if you wish to join me.”

Mellia tells Lenta, “Be careful. Don’t forget that Chaos is about. If any of the Humakti go with you, take their advice in battle. I hope someone knows something about the Six Sisters.”

“You did catch that she’s thinking about heading south, to the Aranwyth?” Varanis glowers.

Lenta presses the hand of the healer and nods. “I will be careful.”

“Good,” Mellia says to Lenta. “White Lady protect you, Lady Lenta.”

“Yes, I caught that, Varanis. It occurs to me that I am not exactly in a position to complain about it.” Mellia sighs. “I should write to Venlar.”

“The Aranwyth and the Kheldon are rivals. They don’t support Kallyr, they hate trolls and Telmori both, and they aren’t exactly known for being welcoming!” The Vingan glares at the Humakti, as if demanding their agreement.

The warriors know the value of looking stolid.

Mellia replies, “Yet Ernalda is still their Mother.”

Varanis throws up her hands in frustration. To the Humakti, she says, “If she dies, bring back her corpse if you can. I’ll try to get her back to her family. Presumably there’s room in the Hulta vault at the necropolis.”

That does not seem to impress them either.

“It is good to know their leanings. Thank you, Varanis. I am neither troll nor Telmori. And I am not known as so stout supporter of Kallyr either.” A plait finds its way to Lenta’s hand. “As far as I know. So it may be that it is indeed prudent that I go.”

“Indeed,” commented Mellia. “Better you than Lady Varanis, Lady Lenta.”

The Wind Lord glares at her cousin, now silently fuming.

Mellia rides over to Varanis. In a low voice, Mellia tells her, “If I yell at you more, it’s because I love you more.”

Stormy grey eyes glower at the healer. “I love you, Mellia, but I’m rather angry just now.”

“Do you want to talk about it?”


Mellia nods and rides away.

Lenta observes quietly as the healer talks with the Vingan. She than raises her hand in salute, turns her horse right and starts riding towards Beasts Gather.

Varanis watches her go and then turns Manasa’s head back towards the Nunnery. “C’mon,” she says. “It’s Godday and I want to try to get some worship in before Yelm sets.”

Mellia nods and rides behind Varanis.