Fragment 40 – The Assault of the Battle Line

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 40


Facing the Darkness within her in Boldhome
Berra knew cold as her Rune froze upon her
Gave out a warning as down she fell nerveless
Woke to the healing of Vingan Vareena

Pacing the road with her road-shoes beneath her
Berra walked down towards Wilmskirk before her
Guarding the road for Irillo to follow
Keeping the sword-road to keep him from danger

Deep in the woods was his enemy Rastip
Slayer of children and striver with kinfolk
Hated in Sartar and hating Irillo
Saw his old foe and the hate1c.f. the Hate of the Dark Troll here. This stretch of road tested Berra several times. grew within him

Eyes of the scout to the woodlands and scrubland
Berra cried out as his bandits came closer
Calling the warning to save stout Irillo
Seeing the movement of men who were creeping

Leaping and bounding with magic upon them
Men of the forest charged forth for Irillo
In closed the warriors riding with Berra
Seeking to stand between merchant and Rastip

On her swift feet Berra charged for the bandits
Tiwr too and Nala and Rajar on Rhynkhos
Swift on his mule rode the merchant for safety
Finding that men jumped to keep him escaping

Three on the road stood and mocked swift Irillo
One bled by Berra as drink for her broadsword
One chased the mule with the battle-rage on him
Murderer Rastip who sought bloody vengeance

Seeing her friends hied to save the stout merchant
Berra attacked all the foes who could stop them
Charged into battle to find all three met her
Fought with the fury of Humakt at Moonrise

Soon the line broke as the foes fled the slaughter
Finding the tree-line and finding death in it
Chased down by Rajar and Nala and Berra
Lightning of Vinga brought down by Varanis

Bringing a prisoner back to the roadway
Berra was still in the trance of the sword-lord
Guarded the group while Irillo put questions
Promising life if the bandit gave answers

What Really Happened

Session Quotes

  • 1
    c.f. the Hate of the Dark Troll here. This stretch of road tested Berra several times.
  • 2
    wound one until he fell over
  • 3
    Note for future GMs: Prepare Corpse failed on Rastip