Journey of the Heroes

In the before times (2018?) a young, enthusiastic GM decided to start running a game set in RuneQuest Glorantha. He rounded up several players and set to, little knowing what he was setting himself up for. Over time, some players have dropped out and new players come in. While the first GM (let’s call him Irillo) remains in charge overall, others have stepped in from time to time, to run scenarios as well, and there have been several spin-offs.

This website is the second incarnation of the Journey of the Heroes (JotH) wiki. Logs of each session are listed in the Logs menu. The Sartar logs are for the main game and are broken into seasons that roughly reflect major story arcs. The Grazeland logs are for the splinter group, headed by Rajar.

The character pages introduce you to diverse Adventurers, often providing background information and links into logs of text-based roleplay, which happens in our downtime.

Most of the other tabs contain setting details about the peoples and places encountered in our game. While some of the content here is our own creation, much of it has been collected and summarised from other sources, most especially Jeff Richard, VP and Creative Director for Chaosium.

If the game looks fun to you, don’t forget to visit the Chaosium website for an amazing selection of Runequest resources. Also, some of the players have started publishing stuff of their own. Find them at Beer with Teeth.

Please note: We do not own RuneQuest Glorantha, or any of the official Adventurers or NPCs. The Glorantha was created by Greg Stafford and the rights are owned by Chaosium Inc. This website is a log of our wild adventures in the world of Glorantha with characters of our own creation. This website uses trademarks and/or copyrights owned by Chaosium Inc/Moon Design Publications LLC, which are used under Chaosium Inc’s Fan Material Policy. We are expressly prohibited from charging you to use or access this content. This website is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Chaosium Inc. For more information about Chaosium Inc’s products, please visit