Fragment 2 – The Winning of Wind Tooth

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2


Fought with the spirit who called himself mastered
Berra was gifted the bright bronze sword Wind Tooth
Bright as her mother’s red hair in the hearthfire
Bright as the life blood she spilled from the ogres

Turned towards Whitewall her steps for the Earth-days
Berra invited the healer to guest her
On the road meeting a rider named Rajar
Bison beneath him and lance in his right hand

Berra and Rajar went into the city
Up through the long way that lead to the slaughter
Berra trod now in the footsteps of Empires
Lunars had walked on this road long before her

Death cried the child of the truthful god Humakt
Seeing the dead lay unburied before her
Weeping for pain that their souls were entrapped in
Dead men arose to destroy all the living

Smote she the walkers that should have been sleeping
Death blow she gave it then watched the great Rajar
Stepping aside that his duel might continue
Watching the wounding that happened on both sides

In the tent city she swore to return there
Mellia Rajar and others were with her
D’val the Sword of the death Cult Humakti
Meet in the morning their task to continue

Berra and Mellia decided that the decorated rhino goad they had captured might belong to the dead rhino rider they had seen, so they returned there. He already had one, but a mace was useless to both and to honour the dead (and not have to carry it home) Berra put a very expensive item on his corpse. This woke, and pleased, the spirit who had not yet departed. He tested her in spirit combat, and when she won told her that she was worthy of the gift of his sword, in return for the gift she had given him. Thus, she came by Wind Tooth.

Berra had invited Mellis to spend Earth-season festivities with her clan, and they were travelling there along the road through Whitewall when they picked up a few more companions. Rajar the Bison rider went up to the top of the city to get away from the smell and look for somewhere to sleep. Berra followed him; on the way up they were attacked by the undead, and killed them then retreated. They gathered a crew prepared to go back, including local volunteers, and fortunately D’Val the Humakti Sword-Lord also arrived, all of four foot of ducky violence.

“Is there a description of the Humakti Lord they’re expecting?” – Berra? Qidane?
“About eight feet tall, with eyes of fire.” – GM

“Praise be to Humakt!” – Berra
“And that is when the in door flies open, and a figure stands there.” – GM
“Praise be indeed to Humaktd!” – D’Val