Fragment 2.28 – The Chastising of Storm Bull

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 28

1626, Storm Season

Into the House of the Lord of the Rage-roar
Berra walked calmly as guest to his wedding
Drank of his wine with the coolness of Darkness1Either Berra was patient and sober, or the wine was cold, an incredible luxury in Storm Season.
Ate of the feast-meat and ate of the grain-bread

Late in the day as the death of the Yelmsun
Crept up upon them to cloak them in darkness
Berra was challenged by one soaked in kumiss
Called her to fight him for Urox was mighty

He who had challenged her swung out at Berra
Swiftly she drew to the parry and counter
Blooding him quickly she put up her sword-pair
Bidding him go as he tarried in anger

Berra met up with her friends in between Tourney Altar and the Block, having managed to escape the sables following her and Toras. They rode towards the Block, running into Venna on the way, with a following of rhino riders. There was a little discussion of politics.

At the Block, there was a big party at which Berra, Rajar and Suuraki were challenged to fight by a drunken Storm Bull who fancied Valseena. Berra stepped up to it, and wounded him in the arm. She then stared him down after he blustered that he could bounce back from it. With Rajar and Suuraki also present, he decided not to try his luck again.

They travelled the next day, and stopped for the night still near the Devil’s Marsh. Rajar, who was on duty, saw something incoming and woke the group in time for them to be mostly armoured up when a walktapus arrived. Everyone went into combat, but they had not managed to put it down when it breathed gas. Varanis took some in and Berra was nearly killed. However, she survived to see it was not actually dying despite a spirit of law that had been summoned hacking at the remains. Berra prayed over her blade and cast True Sword, striking at its spirit with Death, and this did kill it.

The next morning they rode on to Jaldonkill.

“Berra comes to sit next to Xenofos. Just to be there.” – Berra

“Whatcherdoooooin’?” – GM
“Mostly hanging around and not talking much.” – Berra

Berra looks sober. But she did just argue with a Storm Bull.

So, as there is a fight breaking out, Berra looks around to see if there is outside trouble.

“You think you’re big men!” – Drunken Storm Bull
“I don’t.” – Berra

“I could take any of you.” – Storm Bull
“You’re on.” – Berra

“Is this classically correct, Xenofos?” – Berra watches failed wrestling rolls

“This could be the time I die nobly.” – Berra

“I was looking forward to a glorious death there!” – Berra
“Oh sorry…” – Valseena

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    Either Berra was patient and sober, or the wine was cold, an incredible luxury in Storm Season.