Fragment 2.34 – The Cave of Chaos

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 34


Passing the mountains of Tarsh she marched onward
Under the mountain where blood spilled like water
Saying a prayer to the spirit of Rathik
Rathik the redsmith whose tread went before her

Pleased by the passage of distance beneath her
Berra walked on through the mountains and valleys
Into the pass of the cliff-spirit Enthyr
Finding it blocked by the tumbling of spirits

Chaos had come to the mountain-air spirit
Gnawing with hate at the womb of the mountain
Berra marched in with the smile a killer
Smote off a head from a dragonsnail lurking

The heroes had conquered the Philosopher and his greed, but there were still things to deal with – Broulf and Rajar pushed their way down a corridor, and Berra had a struggle with Rurik to see who would be in the front row. Rurik won; the front row was very soon facing a dragonsnail, but Berra got her turn when it bit Broulf’s head clean off, and she 50% decapitated it. The other head gave them a bit of bother, but far worse was that someone behind the Dragonsnail used Rune magic to break Berra’s sword and some of her armour, leaving her without a weapon for a moment. After some initial shouting she managed to pick up Broulf’s, and help charge at the shaman who had cast the terrible spell, as the Dragonsnail was by now on the half shell.

She arrived just in time to see the spirit of a man with horns escaping from the body. Miserably, she went back to look at the remains of the sword that Lord Eril had lent her, and Nala helped her to repair that and her armour. While this was happening, Xenofos moved the stone that had been keeping the pillars solid, and the chaotic beings within them began to move. Berra stepped up to kill one, although it unsportingly turned back to stone as she tried, and she only managed to wound it. However, to brighten up her day one had managed to call forth a portal to Primal Chaos, and a ghoul stepped out, threatening Varanis who lay on the floor there. Berra brought it down neatly, and it was pulled into the floor by Nala’s Earth Elemental. After that, the Chaotic portal closed, and Berra went back to moping about her sword.

“LITTLE FUCKER!” – Berra, a bit annoyed.

“Berra looks angry and vengeful.” – Berra
“And then she sags, and looks sad, and goes to pick up the bits of her sword.” – Berra

“Thank you for the healing to my weapon, Nala.” – Berra