Fragment 20 – The Defense of Irillo

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 20


1And here, we have the original verses.Fire came from high in the chamber of eating
Formed as a dart from the bow of Assassin
Striking the floor at the foot of the Merchant
Heat for the fire of the anger of Berra

Berra cried out with the Shield of her Truth Rune
Placing her body between him and danger
Trusting companions to hunt down Assassin2Again, a figurative, generalised assassin is used. Identifying those who were at this event, even by suggesting the genuine existence of the truly guilty person, would be a terrible insult to the Clan Saiciae.
Berra stood tall as the Reed by the river3Capitalised thus, the reed was a measuring stick of four cubits.

Paying with honour she gave him her safety
Catching the fire on the top of her shoulder
Bursting the dart with the shield-strength of Humakt
Calling Irillo behind her for safety

Pulling her master away from the arrows
Berra saw Varanis Leap from the shadow
Landing above where the killer was crouching
Aided by axes and lashing-out lightning4This is seen as another patched stanza, but a later andalliterative poet. It may be that the emerging importance of Varanis Saiciae required some alteration to an original.

Calmly she took from Irillo his wine-cup
Silently gave him the water she trusted
Called to Serala and trusted in Salid
Walked him away as the capture completed

A short flashback of the scene with the fire arrow introduced Varanis, Vingan of the Clan, via a dramatic leap spell. Irillo’s Grandmother, ashamed of the attempt, offered Varanis as a helper in their mission, and in no way at all a spy. They went to find the assassin who had been captured and was talking after the extraction of some minor unneeded fingernails. She revealed she had been hired three days ago in Nochet by a man who answered the description of a rather familiar Lunar Rune Lord, to kill Mellia, Vestra, or Irillo, or else any of the rest of the group, with a large downpayment and a lot of money going to the woman’s next of kin on success.

They put together a plan to have Irillo die of poison, with Dormal providing a corpse, and then (probably) try to ambush the money delivery, while also earning some time to go to the Library. The Bodyguard Brigade, Rajar and Sid and Berra, went into the Great Hall with Irillo, where he finished off his wine to the obvious irritation of Berra, and then went off to bed.

“We’re trying some combinations.” – Vara/nala
“That’s underwear.” – Berra

“They are not known for the compasionate caring side of female nature” – Rajar
“I can appreciate that.” – Berra

“The armour is over the robe on the top half, but she’s gone beyond merely politely wearing a breastplate, and obviously has greaves and vambraces.” – Berra

“Escaping again?” – Berra
“He has previous…” – Berra

“Stop trollkinning the GM, Berra.” – Nala


*WAVES* – Rajar

*threw d6 over shoulder* – Dormal
“Hilarious – but I now have to find my die.” – Berra
“I have a lot of them, which both helps and doesn’t.” – Berra

“I’m just eyeing the room now. And keeping Irillo behind me.” – Berra
“Look at Berra bristling like a kitten, meet Irillo’s eyes, and stifle a grin and dimple.” – Nala

“I feel like I’m looking rather abashed. It’s not been a good night yet. Grabbing a drink from someone.” – Varanis
“Not from me. The Humakti is holding a drink and not holding a sword – but her right hand is free.” – Berra
“Holding a sword would be an option.” – Berra

*applause* “Correct attribution” – Nala
“Yay!” – Berra

“Hey. Serala. Someone tried to kill Irillo, I think.” – Berra
“Serala thinks about that for a moment. ‘Not very hard, if he’s not dead, in a place with few exits. They need lessons.'” – Serala

“I’m more small and nonspecifically reminiscent of a weasel.” – Dormal
“NON-specifically….” – Berra

“Irillo gets to be in front of me.” – Berra
“standing at the back” – Dormal
“<.<” – Berra
*ignoring each other* – Dormal and Berra

“GM’s playing with himself again…” – Serala
“Berra stares slightly.” – Berra
“(Insert comment here)” – Nala

*gets down on her knees* – Grandmother
*wince* – Berra

“Berra’s giving Varanis a long, thoughtful look.” – Berra

“Varanis …. Saiciae. Pennel Ford?” – Berra
“Yes…” – Varanis
“Berra Jarang’s Daughter.” – Berra
“You remember something about that, Varanis. Down at the ford… at the right hand of Harrek the Berserk…” – GM

“Berra grimaces, but doesn’t look away, as such. She mostly seems to be keeping to the bodyguarding of Irillo.” – Berra
“Stupid choice really, for healers, white.” – Nala

“Berra looks like she’s about to step forwards, and then doesn’t.” – Berra

“Berra gives Dormal a tiny nod.” – Berra

“Go mount guard. If I had sent a killer in they’d either know nothing or need shutting up.” – Rajar
“So they might try and take out the killer.” – Rajar

“Switch to Praxian. ‘Rajar I am so tired of the red bitch. She wanted to be red’.” – Nala

*spits, but carefully, so as not to stain the parquet* – Nala

“I’m using First Aid. I’m really angry with her.” – Mellia

“Igniting rarely kills. I just wanted her maimed a bit Rajar.” – Nala
“Oh I understand. I’d have killed her. But it can wait.” – Rajar

“Alllllll the axes” – Rajar
“Rajar, Nala looks a bit Maran ish atm.” – Nala

“Berra looks like a very worried person right now.” – Berra

“I think he was in charge of the spec ops recruitment for the Tarshites that attacked BH. There was a similar op vs Grazelanders. They like Werewolf tactics….same person likely in charge of it all. If that’s him or he works for them.” – Rajar
“Yeah. He was really annoyed that we killed his “crack troops” who got trampled.” – Nala

“There are two people here that I need… that we need to keep alive.” – Berra
“Looking at Berra with intensity. ‘Who?'” – Varanis
“Irillo and Mellia.” – Berra
“Merchant, and Healer. And somewhere there is Vestra, but she’s only our problem if we can find her. I think she’s gone to Alda Chur.” – Berra
“I’m feeling super honourable and serious right now, so ‘I will do my best to protect them.'” – Varanis

“I need to get out of this tomb. Want to ride?” – Nala
“I think we should guard our friends. I would love to ride …but for now we stay here. The fighting may not be over” – Rajar
*pouts and manages to look adorable, sadly* – Nala

“I’m sure this city is an insult to the earth,” – Nala

“Good. I need to think briefly about who to assign to whom. Mellia is probably not at risk, but he might find another assassin who will try what the first did not.” – Berra

“She would hate it if she knew” – Nala

“They are fanatics.” – Berra
*blort* – Dormal
“(Death Cultist calls someone a Fanatic)” – Rajar

‘Irillo isn’t totally incompetent.’ — Berra, damning with faint praise

“For the moment lets think of us as one larger group” – Rajar
“Still in Prax?” – Nala

“I don’t know how to separate myself.”- Varanis
“Just ask Rajar…..- GM
“I can separate you!” – Rajar

“No one wants to piss off the Gloranthan Medical Association.” – Mellia

“Dormal, are those cookies? Share!!!!” – Nala
“sharreee…. coookies…” – Dormal
“Does not compute.” – Dormal

“I like our nemesis, he has style.” – Dormal
“He really does” – Rajar
“(And needs to be axed into itty bitty pieces.)” – Rajar
“Burned. Shot, charged at.” – Nala
“Trampled.” – Nala

“During the Civil War…” – GM
“tl;dr – it wasn’t that civil” – Dormal

“Brief break. Please write down funny quotes while I am gone.” – Berra

“Failed intimidate.” – Berra
“Because I am wincing.” – Berra
“Bad cops aren’t very intimidating though.” – Varanis
“Berra continues to look like a Humakti.” – Berra

“Anyone else want tea?” – Nala
“Please, if you’re making.” – Berra
“@Berra come get” – Nala
“Is it REALLY GOOD tea?” – Berra, 100 miles away

“Irillo is talking to the Assassin… Varanis. You would buy a used horse from this man.” – GM
( I don’t know what he’s saying and I want to agree with him! ) O o . – Berra

“Glad I’m not there to collect the tears and savour them” – Rajar
“Mmmmm salty tears.” – Rajar

“Probably hired by that Lunar. Irillo’s working her over. I think she’ll give him all her money shortly.” – Berra

“I’m going to need a corpse about… stand up please?” – Dormal

“A corpse, some rags, a bucket of gold and some lubrication…..” – Rajar
“…..” – Berra

“How do you propose getting a corpse about that high?” – GM
“There’s a Humakti in the room.” – Berra

“So I’m sure they will have a plan. Meanwhile we have to look after Irillo and Mellia.” – Berra

“Irillo is playing dead. How much protection does a dead man need?” – Varanis

“We should go in, but you need to not kill the assassin. Not.” – Berra


“Funerals are important.” – Varanis
“How long does it take? Could be days of display, etc.” – Varanis

“Serala is looking very unconvinced at everyone’s obsession over dressing up corpses prettily and making with the wailing and gnashing of teeth.” – Serala
“I’m sure we can find a body.” – Rajar
“I’m happy to help.” – Rajar

“Nala walks in and gives the assassin a very hostile CHA 40/” – Nala

“Whoever’s body it is will be done with it.” – Rajar

“Berra’s trade talk is all short words.” – Berra

“The Praxians (Rajar and Nala) and the Grazelander (Serala) don’t speak Esrolian.” – Berra
“We three have a special line in standing around looking stern and pretending we have half a clue what’s going on.” – Serala
“Rajar juggles axes while they all yammer along in furriner.” – Rajar

“Rajar did insult him. Told him his countrymen died like cowards. That keeps me warm on cold nights, still.” – Berra
“I did enjoy telling him that” – Rajar

“He’s basically a Lunar Humakti.” – Nala
“Ducking!” – Dormal
“No….” – Berra, quietly

“Bleah!” – Mellia

“Berra’s passing battle, meaning she’s more interested in how to do this than whether it’s technically correct.” – Berra

“I’m taking Irillo to the Great Hall so he can get his wine back.” – Berra
“I can sulk loudly.” – Berra
“Or quietly.” – Berra

“Berra looks around the hall, doing the whole Humakti looking for enemies thing.” – Berra

“Serala, what are you doing?” – GM
“Trying to work out which way the Mute button works.” – Serala

“Who is doing what with the assassin?!” – Varanis

“So, I will start speaking in Esrolian… rather rapidly…” – Dormal

“Mellia, come up to my rooms, where we will up Tiwr” – Nala
“*pick” – Nala

“So, Rajar, I’m going to get a strip ripped off me in public by Irillo. Don’t worry. I stopped him from drinking wine earlier.” – Berra

“GM , will Tiwr let @Mellia Ride pillion?” – Nala
“(She asked, delicately.)” – Nala
“Yes.” – GM
“He may or may not make remarks on whether Mellia has been sleeping with boys.” – GM
“When would Mellia have the time?” – Mellia

“I am putting on my sodding armour…..” – Nala

“Serala is mutter quietly. ‘Stick together, I said. Yes, everyone said. And how long before we’re all walking in five different directions again? People!'” – Serala
“I wasn’t there for that…” – Nala
“I was too busy complaining to Rajar” – Nala

“Well, that’s what you get for trying to murderise prisoners.” – Serala
“I just wanted to maim her a bit.” – Nala

“4 legs Good 5 legs Bad. Storm Bull humour” – Rajar
“‘4 kegs good, 5 kegs better.’ – Storm Bull bar order.” – Berra

“Mellia needs to find something to do that can be interrupted.” – Mellia
“<3 Mellia.” – Berra

“Will the temple think I am magnificent?” – Tiwr
“Probably.” – Mellia
“I am a VERY good healer” – Tiwr
“You might get recruited.” – Mellia

“My mother’s father died in a small scrap with four members of the Balkoth tribe, and him. My father’s father – the less said about him right now, the less I have to say.” – Berra

“Fumble, you say?” – GM
“Yep!” – Dormal

“Soooo, your temple has failed the building inspection.” – Dormal
“Falls through roof into bathtub and introduces self to nubile lady ///cos thats the rulz” – Rajar
“I like that rule too.” – Berra

“Shall I set him on fire?” – Nala

“It’ll cost an arm and a leg.” – Berra

“We could have taken more shots. One was a warning.” – Hulting
“We could have brought him back from the dead. What’s your point?” – Nala

“Let us speak in the spirit of peace here.” – Mellia
“I am talking in the spirit of peace. I’m not charging.” – Nala

“”WHAT IS THAT?” – Raisinish CA Priestess

“I’ve heard of pony play but really….” – Serala

“I don’t take bribes!” – Tiwr, chewing the bribe

“Maybe, one more bribe for the road?” – Tiwr

“It’s totally not Tiwr’s fault the hedges needed trimming. Really should be rewarded for such dedicated work.” – Varanis

“Hello?” – Dormal
“Hello Dormal.” – Eurmalite/Hulting/Unknown
“That depends on who’s saying hello.” – Dormal

“So many crimes So many drunken nights.” – Rajar

“I’m a brother.” – Brother
“That’s good. Brothers should be friends.” – Dormal

“It would get us a corpse…” – Berra
“It gets us what WE want.” – Berra
“I’d hate this conversation to be almost the last thing that went through your head.” – Brother

“Dormal is misunderstood.” – Serala
“Yes. In a positive direction.” – Berra

“Watching him sell this guy his own property is joyful.” – Berra
“You wouldn’t want to make me into a liar, would you?” – Dormal

“It’s like watching a slow-motion Unicorn crash.” – Berra
“I never crash. Do I look like a bison to you?” – Tiwr

*courbettes* – Tiwr
“A sort of car?” – Berra

“As I was walkin’ away
I heard her say over my shoulder
We’ll meet again some day” – Rajar
“Tangled up in Glue…” – Berra

“Doesn’t everyone have a ‘Procure Corpse’ skill?” – Rajar
“Only us, Rajar.” – Berra
“It’s a sub-set of Sense Chaos.” – Berra
“And also you can get to it from Find Enemy.” – Berra

“The poor bastard who hit on Berra has entirely recovered.” – Berra
“Probably.” – Berra

“I have a bigger list of things I am not allowed to do now!” – Berra

  • 1
    And here, we have the original verses.
  • 2
    Again, a figurative, generalised assassin is used. Identifying those who were at this event, even by suggesting the genuine existence of the truly guilty person, would be a terrible insult to the Clan Saiciae.
  • 3
    Capitalised thus, the reed was a measuring stick of four cubits.
  • 4
    This is seen as another patched stanza, but a later andalliterative poet. It may be that the emerging importance of Varanis Saiciae required some alteration to an original.