Boldhome Shrine of Elmal

Geographical Area and Description

Boldhome, Sartar. A shrine.

The Shrine of Elmal is the Prince’s stable, and the chief priest is always the Prince’s Chief of Horse. While it is theoretically a warrior cult, the presence of Elmal in Sartar is tiny, and the shrine cannot support Rune Lords. There is a public-facing room, at the front of the stables, and a holy place, ‘the stead’ at the back. A private stair from the holy room leads up to the hay loft, where initiates may always sleep for free in return for help in the stables.

Leadership and Organisation

The Chief Priest is supported by warriors and priests. In practice, given budgetary constraints, this usually means one warrior, known as the Spearmaster, and one priest, the Stead-keeper, are employed full-time. Other initiates support them as and when called on.

Chief Priest: Horsemaster Narli
Spearmaster: Faron
Stead-keeper: Merlanga

Initiates include Serala, the Cold Lance of the Sun, and Derayst, who was once a member of the Temple of Yelmalio.

External Relationships

The Chief of Horse, Narli, is not known for his scintillating personality, but the Shrine’s continuance is assured by his relationship with the Prince. Upon occasion the Yelmalian Temple try to demonstrate that they are Elmalites also, but so far their knowledge of horses has been found wanting, or at least their magical abilities have.

Rumours and Public Knowledge

Sometimes the horses of Kallyr turn out to be Unicorns.
Faron and Merlanga have the powers of fire that were abandoned by Yelmalio