Slow Eyes

1629, Sea Season, Probably not actually Harmony Week, Fireday


After the fight with the flaming troll, people relax and talk. Session SA4.11.


After food, and water which tastes delicious if earthy, and after a bit of time has passed, Berra starts pacing out a camp, as if automatically. Her expression looks dreamy, even if her body is going through the motions of protection.

Varanis watches for a time before she gets up and joins the Humakti. “You good?”

“Yeah.” Berra looks relaxed. “Mostly.” It seems the Truth is still carved into her. “You?”

Varanis considers. “I don’t really know yet,” she admits. “I think so? But, there’s still a broo out there somewhere. More Sisters to deal with. And I have no idea if we’re any closer to Mellia’s Wyter.”

Berra nods. “We can go tell the trolls that we’ve dealt with a troll problem?” she suggests. “And maybe start negotiating?” Her voice is calm and slow, relaxed for once, like she is back at her sister’s hearth and well fed.

“Before we visit the other Sisters?”

As they talk, Varanis studies Berra, a watchful look in her eyes.

Insight: ||The little Humakti looks tired, but in a way that indicates she is allowing herself to relax. She is still herself underneath.||

Berra looks down to think. Calmly placid. “I want to know what they can offer before we talk to the trolls, and I think I want to know if the trolls can make recompense…” She is working things out slowly.

“That seems right to me too,” Varanis says watching Berra closely still. “It’s a good idea. We should talk it over with the others. Make sure there’s consensus.”

Berra smiles slightly, tilting her head to listen. “I think it would be good to talk, yes. To talk about that.” Varanis gets a wider, slow smile that looks like the real thing, if the real thing comes a little slower than usual. Berra seems genuinely pleased to be in the conversation. “I want to know who the others are, and what they are like, I think.”

Lenta sits leaning her back and head against the megalith. Her hands and feet rest against the soil and she is following either the discussing duo or flowing water or both. Some residue of green lingers on her as she slowly dries herself.

Varanis stares into the distance, then asks, “Can I ask you something? You might not like it.”

“Mhm.” Berra seems relaxed by the idea.

“Earlier, when I lost my temper…” The Vingan tangles her hand in her hair, tugging at it before taking a breath and forcing herself to relax. “You kind of collapsed. Like something I said was devastating. I know I was an ass, but… that seemed like there was more to it.”

That makes Berra slow down even more. “I’m not sure I really remember,” she says. “There was something. I don’t know. It made sense at the time, I am sure.”

Varanis INTx5: ||Berra has been like this before: she speaks better when she is under a certain type of strain, and her grammar just improved.||

“Um… Where’s Lord Raven?”

Berra looks faintly puzzled. “Beasts Gather.” Varanis gets a slow, curious look.

Varanis considers her next words through several long breaths. “Is he… shielding you or something similar? Is he affecting your thoughts?” she asks cautiously.

Berra considers that slowly. “I don’t think so? He can’t reach this far. Not that I know of. He talks a lot, sometimes.”

“And the High Sword?”

“I don’t know what you mean. I don’t think so, if you mean… can he change me?” Maybe Berra is a little light-headed. She gives Varanis a smile like she hopes this is the right answer.

The Vingan frowns a little, then pats Berra’s shoulder. “Don’t mind me. I’m just tired. Do you think… she said she’d guard our sleep. Could that include our dreams?”

Insight: ||The shoulder pat was probably patronizing af, Varanis is still worried, but she’s changing the subject for now.||

“I hope so,” Berra says with a slow sigh. “I need it. I would not want you to be worried either.” Something strikes her, the emotion moving over her face in slow motion. “Or anyone here.” She is maybe hopeful for them?