Fragment 2.10 – The Servant of Truth

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 10


Following Truth as the Trumpet of Humakt
Berra advanced through the slums of the city
Knowing her path was to root out Illusion
Proudly she stood by Lord Kesten of Hulta

Hunted the foe of the house of his master
Found that his Lord had been erring as husband
Sympathy then she could give for his duty
Pride in his act as he opened the Truth-gate

Sewn into a copy of the Saga of Berra not opened for some centuries:

What Really Happened

Session Quotes

  • 1
    Associated with the Berra Cycle, but not of it, we find this curious piece, lexicon-dated some hundreds of years post-Nochet.
  • 2
    An unusual compression of Irillo, suggesting something lesser or missing
  • 3
    Garin Amb. 20-9b has, quite without justification, ‘he begged instead’
  • 4
    Garin Amb. 20-9c has ‘a moment’, a significant difference.
  • 5
    Both a natural seasonal turning, and a highly suggestive movement through a sacred state, to a state of fertility.
  • 6
    Indicating a matriarchal or feminised ideal of Kesten and an Esrolian origin to these verses.
  • 7
    Of double enough meaning to be either a stop or a continuation, shedding no light on the moment/hour conundrum.
  • 8
    Capitalised in all known versions, and thus only a lesser pun.
  • 9
    Could be ‘bound-wife’ or ‘feminine-place’.
  • 10
    Fumbled Intrigue.