Air Temples of Boldhome


Brief overview


Prince Kallyr, Storm Voice Tennebris


Air Temple (north of the city gate), Orlanth Adventurous and Vinga (West Pocket), Orlanth Rex and Sartar (Flame of Sartar, east of the palace)…

Shrine (or Temple to Sartar)

An open-air temple at the Flame of Sartar. There is likely a shrine within the palace for the Prince too.

Prince Kallyr is the chief priest. Only members of Sartar’s line may serve as priests.

Temple of Orlanth Adventurous (and Vinga)

Located by the West Pocket there is the Temple of Orlanth Adventurous and a second, smaller Temple to Vinga.1The OA Temple is canon, the Vingan one is our creation.

Vingan Temple NPCs: Unnamed Chief Priestess; Jerema the archivist, an aged Daughter of Vinga; tattooist


1400 worshippers, including a significant number of Vingans


Anything else?

The most important cult within the city is that of Orlanth. The Prince is the highest priest of the Orlanth Rex cult in all of Sartar, a source of great magical authority. The cult of Sartar himself is a sub-cult of Orlanth Rex, whose priesthood is traditionally restricted to members of the Royal House. Boldhome is famed for its great temple to Orlanth, the largest in Dragon Pass. The temple has several buildings and holy locations, each dedicated to a specific subcult. The heart of the cult is the Flame of Sartar and Thunder Ridge, but the temples to Orlanth Adventurous and the various deities of Air are among the grandest Orlanth temples in the world. Most of the Orlanth temples were closed during the Lunar Occupation but were reopened when the city was liberated after the Dragonrise. Within the Pockets, Orlanth worship continued under the Occupation as the Breather Sisters, daughters of Orlanth whose dance circulates the sacred breath to deep within the earth.

So the Breather Sisters are worshiped – one at the East Pocket, the other at the West Pocket, and they circulate fresh air throughout the maze of rock-carved warrens that make up the Pockets. Their cult was hidden in plain sight during the Lunar Occupation, and as a result, even though the outer temples were closed by the Lunars, the Breather Within continued to be offered worship and sacrifice even during the evil year of 1621-1622.

Jeff R. (25 Oct 2021)
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    The OA Temple is canon, the Vingan one is our creation.